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Re: Bush Declares Jihad On Evil

Posted by Jeff on September 17, 2001 at 00:10:53:

In Reply to: Bush Declares Jihad On Evil posted by parhad on September 16, 2001 at 18:38:55:

: The jackass actually said it...he is going to stamp out "Evil"..the big E. He knows he's full of shit as he says it...just pandering to the Right, the religious extremists we have who've lost ground in recent years. He's sounding as stupid as the Holy Warriors Of Islam on the other side.

: I'm reminded again of that excellent article years ago about Reagan and the these guys actually believe the prophecy in that idiotic book which tells that Armageddon, the battle of Good (America) against Evil (Everyobody we don't like) MUST come before Heaven on earth can be achieved. They really do see the world in terms of good and and white...cowboys in white hats against bad guys in black hats.

: That damn fool now sits there, enthroned and deified by a bunch of nuts on one side...become the hero of the nuts on our side. This is where your religions lead...this is where those "unreal" and untrue Christians will take the rest of you REAL Christians who can't negotiate your ways around a forum without fainting...and aren't about to raise a finger to save your children's lives.

: Brace yourselves, you may get to Eternity sooner than you expected.

The headline for Today's "Detroit Free Press" was
America approves limits to liberties
Enough said.

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