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You know you've been manipulated when........

Posted by David Chibo on September 17, 2001 at 02:04:38:

Angry Americans expresing their opinions on the attacks are currently being shown on CNN and NBC.
Some of them are calling for the US to "flatten 'em all". The countries they usually mention in these interviews are Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Lebanon.

In the US's attempt to find an "enemy" they intend to use the classic scatter-gun approach.

But some how they've missed the one "enemy" that produced Bin Laden.

Saudi Arabia.

Since this Arab nation produced this "terrorist" why not start with them. Flatten it completely. Just kill everyone in the place. After all Bin Laden was born in Saudi Arabia and received his funding from his father's Saudi Arabian busniness.

Didn't George Bush say that any nation who supported these terrorist would be targeted?
Doesn't the U.S. already have ground troops and air bases stationed there?
Well then what are you waiting for?

I'd almost feel sorry for Saudi Arabia, if I didn't know that it was a U.S. puppet government.
The odds that the US will flatten Saudi Arabia for aiding the "terrorist" Bin Laden are the same odds that the U.S. will stop today's Genocide via sanctions comitted against Iraqi 5 year olds.


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