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Re: The U.S. Consulate in Melbourne

Posted by parhad on September 17, 2001 at 08:46:50:

In Reply to: The U.S. Consulate in Melbourne posted by David Chibo on September 17, 2001 at 01:24:12:

They Generals are always fighting the previous war. It seems my generation has forgotten the Vietnam War and what it did to this country, Vietnam and the world. We've forgotten the lies we were told, the same "AMERICA, Love it or Leave it", brand of patriotism...the short sighted quick-fix brand of Statesmanship politicians prefer. People get what they ask for, in that regard there was a semblance of truth to what Falwell and Robertson said, only not for the reasons they gave.

America has become more fanatically religious, not less...and those twits know it...they just want it to go even further in that direction so they "lament" that we're slipping away from God, when he's more up our noses and down our shorts than ever before.

It isn't because of a lax Supreme Court...itself a fiction of grand proportions, or a "liberal" media (you can see just how liberal they are now that they've become Corporate lap dogs) or because of abortion and God's anger at us as if we were set in some Biblical Twilight Zone of 3000 years ago....we got this because we've ignored the suffering we've brought to so many sectors of the developing and underdeveloped and bombed back to the dark ages, World. It happened to the Romans to the French aristocracy, it happens to every person and nation that forgets it's made of the same weak material we all are...that Americans have the same desires and longing and hopes, fears and joys everyone else does.

This country has increasingly robbed the resources of the rest of the world to maintain a lifestyle which cannot be sustained except on the backs and with the blood of countless weaker people...and in any war against People...any nation, no matter how powerful, will lose, because in order to win such a war, that "great" nation will reduce itself to a parody of itself.

That's why America finds itself where it is, not because of the evil of others, but the evil and misery and wanton suffering it has brought to innocent people for so long in a mad quest to get an ever higher and higher standard of living for itself at any price to others and this planet as was necessary.

Sympathy for the innocent victims, by all means...let us all mourn their loss...but it will have meaning only if we mourn the loss of all those people who didn't have the envious lifestyle of the five thousand who were snuffed out midst all their about a tear or two for the children born in misery whose short liuves are snuffed out in agony...for the children born in camps for the third generation now, for the girls who sew our shirts in some hovel in Indochina, or make $150.00 athletic shoes in some factory in Indonesia...not because the shoes cost that much to make, but because wealthy Americans will pay that price, give that excess profit to some Yuppy entrepreneur who pays pennies to make the shoe.

Raman and the Boys were sick and tired of hearing about the suffering Iraqi children, said there was nothing he could do about it anyway as the taxes were taken out of his pocket by the same entity which will now take more to bomb more. Turns out it is those same children, the few who manage to grow up, from whose ranks the next guerillas will come, and they may just poison the water or the air where his own child will be playing some day. We cannot escape the consequences of our acts...and our "non-acts" are also actions, and they may carry the worst consequences of all.

We were indignant that Iraq should attack Kuwait, interrupting the enjoyment of "our way of life". "This will not stand", Pappy Bush thundered...and America united behind him to get the job done. They'll do it again under the Shrub...and it will lead to more of the same. You wont ever win this way...the Nazi's tried to exterminate those they didn't like... those who "ruined their lifestyle"..and with all that German efficiency and skill...and even though they killed a few short years Germany was divided rubble..and Israel was born.

You have to really be great in order to be can't buy your way in or stomp in with your overpriced shoes.

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