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Re: Teaching Dr Love some looven

Posted by parhad on September 18, 2001 at 10:01:52:

In Reply to: Teaching Dr Love some looven posted by Ir@qi on September 18, 2001 at 03:27:40:

I most definitely will NOT skip the terrorist bombings of Iraq for the last 12 years in which thousands of innocent people have died. Let the audience mourn in their way, I'll mourn in least I'm sorry for ALL the victims.

I'm even sorrier for what this pig headed opportunist of a Shrub will do to enhance his prestige...when America has come down to giving this Frat boy a chance to polish himself up...jezus h christ!!!!

It was the same exact stupid sentiments about, "We are the ONLY people who count"...that got us here...and they're going to do MORE of the same...not less. The very forces of arrogance and inhumanity which got us here are being dusted off and revved up for even MORE arrogance and MORE inhumanity, and we'll also get even MORE retaliation, as we have seen already when using this myopic and barbaric view to this point.

I don't live in a radical area by any means...this has to be one of ther wealthiest hick towns in America...every other car is a stretch Limo or a Hummer, and Ferraris toodle up down these manicured vineyards all the time. Movie stars, foreign dignitaries and glittering diamonds can be seen in the local pub or at any of the zillion exclusive eating establishments...Americas ONLY five star restaurant is down the road. It's as unreal as the set of the Truman Show...they even plant rose bushes next to all the quaint stone walls they've built around their cute homes and cute vineyards and cute restaurants. It's a very Disneyland and I'm as happy as can be that I'm leaving and raising my children in a Mexican Desert a mile up in the mountains where we'll have solar power and a well, and NO telephone.

But even in this conservative backwater I overheard two women agog in jewelry say they thought some sanity was returning from the ground up, though the president remains blissfully nuts.

Here's hoping. The Republicans, Industrialists, Religious Right and of course the corporations and their media will all relish the paranoia that's been missing from American life since the joke of an evil empire of the Soviet Union collapsed...I mean who's afraid of Cuba and North Korea for god's sakes?? This will be a much more potent fear cause they're all telling you that the enemy is WITHIN...has infiltrated and living here in about Soviet era claptrap.

There isn't a fucking thing congress can't get passed, as long as it's expensive and attacks the very freedoms which make this country meaningful. And the Right, and our own dumb Facist Assyrians who believe that all those silly protections in the Constitution aren't necessary and just slow things up when you want to GET those criminal types and undesirables...which they flatter themselves by thing America would NEVER mean them...these people will jumpo at the chance to curtail our due process rights cause they actually think it will lead to a "better" in which the good guys(among whom they're SURE Whitey will always place their dark asses) will win out, and the "bad" guys (among whom Whitey wouldn't DREAM of counting their dark asses) get what they deserve.

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