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Secular Jihad

Posted by parhad on September 18, 2001 at 10:11:17:

It isn't true that America is a secular country and the Muslim countries run along Religious lines with no separation of Church and State.

Remember Mammon? This country has as its God, Money. They are calling for a Jihad, but a Holy War of profits and Growth and GNP unbounded and to the greater glory of the Prophet of Profit.

Everything this country stands for has been "bought" out, with its very government up for sale. And the Presidency was stolen plain and simple. The two-faced approach America had towards the Palestinians, which had so much to do with getting us here, was more evident than ever, when the Israelis took advantage of the situation, even MORE, by racing to enter and occupy more villages where they will kill at will.

It is not Justice this country reveres...if they ever did, it is the aquisition of Power and that goes hand in hand with Cash. The Muslim countries, the people in them at least, seem to actually be willing to sacrifice and forego the god of Cash...for a God of righteous suffering, money be damned. The West reveres as its god, Cash, and the power it buys...and the people there will forsake every principle, even sell the future of their children for an immediate infusion of cash and more power.

Lenin said it best, the Capitalist will supply the rope for his own hanging, IF... he can get a buck for the rope.

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