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Suspicious Americans

Posted by parhad on September 18, 2001 at 10:39:01:

A friend told me yesterday that his grown son and two male friends were stuck in Cancun, Mexico for ten days before being able to fly back. At the airport down there the police were called in to question them. All three are American citizens but all were born in Iran. One of them was darker than the others and he got grilled the worst because they thought he was an "Arab". Darkies have always been "dangerous".

On arriving in San Francisco they got it again from the authorities there and it's a good thing they sweated red white and blue bullets or they would have been in deeper shit.

There have been over 70 thousand "tips" sent in to the FBI. Wonder when they'll grant "anonmity" so people wont be "afraid" to turn others in. During the Inquisition you got a third of the property of the person you turned over...the rest went to the state and the Inquisition itself...well they DID have expenses, torches and pitch and what not.

I wonder when I get turned in?

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