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Re: DAMN!!!

Posted by Tony BeitMalo on September 19, 2001 at 01:21:28:

In Reply to: DAMN!!! posted by parhad on September 15, 2001 at 21:14:55:


Only reason I went to San Jose was to pay my respect to you and of course, my beloved-Assyrian unmarried women.

Dude, when I saw your sculptures covered in black veil, wrapped with yellow thread and a fact sheet of the miserable current Iraqi state/condition people attached on each sculpture; I got goose bumps and I got misty eyes. "It was a Kodak Moment." I get goose bumps everytime I am remember of that moment.

Dude, It was out of this world. I just dont know how to expalin it dude. It was a moment to remeber. I took couple pictures of this memorable occasion, reminding me of your courage and your cause.You just dont know how much you have opened my eyes. Thank you.

See you soon.



: If Assyrians EVER came licking up after me I'd hate that more than their absolute contempt, for as long as people such as we see at those places despise me, I'm clean.

: I've been told that so many times...go make a name somewhere else, then we'll love you. It makes me sick for what it says about us. I EXPECT John Nimrod and Jackie and Sargon Lewie and so many more to hate my guts...I told them...there was going to be a new standard. They want me gone just as fast as they think they can manage it. All they mean when they say, "go make it elsewhere" that they are so low, so full of self-loathing AND FOR GOOD REASON...that they'll only eat what others throw-up. They are no more qualified to assess our needs and what to do about them than any common cur...or else they wouldn't need the white man's validation of themselves and the "artists" we produce. These people are lackeys in the worst sense.

: I'll be goddamned if I'll accept anything that has to come to me through an Andreas or a Scott or some other "real" person. There are REAL ASSYRIANS AND CHALDEANS who understand, and they KNOW what I'm doing and talking about...the rest of them????who gives a damn...they sure as hell don't for all their teary-eyed protestations of love for this Heritage.

: That John Nimrod can stand up there and repeat those lies about he and the Mayor and the ridiculous amount he claims "they" gave and yet be applauded while I'm threatened with eviction for mentioning the truth, the simple truth that the city of Chicago Art administrators know of and to which John will soon testify to in court...that I would be the trouble maker in this bunch proves that what I say is true and right on. These people aren't fit to clean the backsides of the meanest dog and they know it...that's why they react with such fright.

: Well, there's more from where this came from.

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