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Doc. 6

Posted by Jeff on September 19, 2001 at 23:48:02:

In Reply to: Re: LAST FREAKING TRY posted by parhad on September 19, 2001 at 23:19:14:

: Thanks Jeff. I've got to prepare my side of the story. I don't want to embarrass the guy by emphasizing all his dumb comments. Any ideas?

More On Ross

Posted by parhad on Sunday, 10 June 2001, at 1:43 p.m.

It's important to not come across as the equivalent of a "Val Guy" by saying something like..."well Duh, stupid...I mean whatever!"

We can't take exception to negative views held about us by anyone and posted on the internet. We don't mean to shut a teacher up when he is teaching his subject.
Neither do we want to restrain his freedom to think what he wishes about anything or to follow any religion he chooses and reflect the prejudices which seem to
come with any religion.

Just what has Ross done that we can legitimately take exception to. We don't want to appear to be the fools he seems to imply we are. We should not have to make
outlandish claims about our purity or wonderfulness, in order to reject what we find objectionable. We should not have to stoop to the same sort of behavior we find
unacceptable in what he did.

I am offended, not by his views, not by the fact that he spreads them in any way he chooses to as a private individual. I am distressed because in the guise of a
teacher, with all that implies, he is in a position to wound young people from our community who may not have the necessary ammunition at hand to protect
themselves or do his views any equal damage. It is an unequal match, something no teacher should take advantage of.

Those words and phrases which can have no "scientific" grounds, no basis in fact, but are rather his own opinions regarding what he thinks we mean to do to ancient
Israel and Christianity by implying that we, the descendents of the dirty, nasty, mean and barabaric Assyrians or Chaldeans might have had some influence for the
good upon either, are what I find most objectionable. If he is personally offended that we might hold such views, or that researchers, known and respected in the
field, are conducting such inquiries, he should not use his discomfort at such a prospect to vent his ill will towards those of us who belong to this community whose
"uppity" behavior he disapproves of. That is not his field of expertise, it is not what the students signed on to study, and they do not need to be issued a directive
which in effect tells them to shut-up and stop wasting class time. A set period of time could be allowed to discuss the views of our students in his class, AND to
refute them with no damage done to the learning process, or the subject he might even be stimulating to other students and our own might learn more of
themselves in the process. Ross is shuting down education, not protecting, enhancing or engaging in it when he effectively forbids discussion of an area which must at
least have been hinted at in his classes or the subject would never have come up in the first place, as it apparently has several times to warrant a "paper" being issued
directing "our" students to take any complaints they may have "elsewhere", or go read some "real" books instead of listening to "frauds" such as their parents and
community in general.

To further tell us that we should be ashamed to own up to those people as any ancestors of ours, while he revels in his diddling old farts of the Old Testicles, just
adds salt to the wound.

You can imagine how much I'm enjoying THAT part of his argument...the notion that the BEST we ever were came since turning Christian...that we were savage
barbarians before that who DARED hurt little Israel... as the JEWS told everyone, up to this day, and continue to mention in their and YOUR holy bible.

My position is just the reverse. We were great and civilized beyond belief or imitation BEFORE becomming Christian. All we've been good for since then, according
to Ross and most of you, was to spread Christianity, write manuscripts and prepare to be massacred for our pains. But that's not the issue at's just a private
treat for me and a few connoiseurs to enjoy, hehehehehe.

I don't want to be our spokesman on this, but I'm not going to let much more time pass before confronting this thing head on. Either speak up or forever hold your
own pieces.

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