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Doc 7

Posted by Jeff on September 19, 2001 at 23:48:34:

In Reply to: Re: LAST FREAKING TRY posted by parhad on September 19, 2001 at 23:19:14:

: Thanks Jeff. I've got to prepare my side of the story. I don't want to embarrass the guy by emphasizing all his dumb comments. Any ideas?

Ghassan Agrees with Ross and Esuebius

Posted by Parhad on Wednesday, 30 May 2001, at 5:13 p.m.

>>>This is what Ghassan had posted on his site. Read it carefully...let's begin to think a little and analyze issues and not support or attack "friends" and "enemies"....

As the case was with Census 2000, when the Assyrian (Nestorian) community was left prey to the mis-information campaign and lies of anti-Chaldeans
hate-mongers within that community, here again we have another case of mis-information of the masses who are attending the Assyrian (Nestorian) LA Convention.

People are being asked to sign a petition with no background about the case and without proper discussion of the implications of such campaign of intimidation and
provocation against Mr. Ross and the college administration DESPITE Mr. Ross' acceptance to remove the offending material and the Faculty Association President
offering an apology.

One more time, Assyrianism ugly face of extremism is shown in action. One more time, the masses are being mis-lead and mis-informed, and one more time clowns,
foul-mouthed individuals and third grade "self proclaimed freedom fighters" are jumping on the saddle and claiming "leaders".

What a sad case is this Assyrianism that has its newest leader a certified foul mouthed individual named Fred Hadpar. Just what standards do those followers go by?
Is "good manners" a requirement in their selection of "leaders" or is the only requirement "anyone" who could shout the loudest "Atour! Atour!"?

How revolting. Ghassan

>>>Who mongers more hate than this man? Who has gone behind people's backs to slam them and insinuate things he knows damn well aren't true? Who is
mounting a telephone campaign to have another sculptor chosen for the Hammurabi Monument...even insisting that it doesn't HAVE to be either an Assyrian or a
Chaldean one? The same thing his friend Amir Fatuhi said and tried to do?

Who created Chaldeanism and tried to hide it behind something he also created called Assyrianism? this is juvenile Soviet era style "espionage". It is laughable except
that it actually SCARES you rabbits. I'd DIE of shame before I let a thing like Ghassan frighten or even discommode me. I find him funny beyond belief...he actually
thinks he is a "force' to be reckoned with. Like John Nimrod he becomes the destructive force he can be because YOU, YOU good and decent folk who should
KNOW BETTER allow him to infect the air our children must breathe.

Who is apparently willing to support Ross' claim that Pope Eusebius made up Chaldean out of Assyrians who turned to Rome? Something he has adamantly
attacked before? Who am I going to fix in ways he can't imagine got it.

Ghassan is what he all know how low and despicable a thing he is...but he is not to blame. It is always the common, the "good" people who mouse along in
fear of personal discomfort and the slime a man like that threatens them with, which gives such a bully his "power".

Will you tell your son and daughters to agree to be villified by such a man on their way to school, because if they do not agree to the violation...this man might make
life unpleasant for them? What could be MORE unpleasant than to picture his hot and sweaty hands running all over your childs body, and do you allow him to
smear and vioilate your heritage and good name? Tell me again, just what you have to be so "proud" of in all this, and god's name and the name of all that is
decent and clean, you fear MORE than what he has already done and promises to do if you do not keep quiet. he is not to blame...he is what he is YOU the
good people who we can thank for this. I'll do my part alone, but for chrissakes SOMEDAY learn to stand up for yourselves.

note: Ghassan...find anyone you like and let him make you the Hammurabi you deserve. For god's sake GIVE me the excuse I can't give myself to walk away! But
you know I wont do that as long as YOU are the one trying it. Let me go on and get on with my life...take this chain off of me that working with the half-wits who
would hang dog shit around their necks if it were expensive, is dragging me to the ground to.

NEVER...never so long as I beathe would I concede anything to people such as you. You are poison sent to harrass and infect the air we breathe and I think I'll go
beyond your piddling job, to the State Department. Try me friend, just try me.

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