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What is "TERROR" Anyway?

Posted by parhad on September 20, 2001 at 07:41:57:

If you go on the Hajjar Principle..."terror" and anything else, means what the owner of a forum or country, says it means. Certainly the rest of us do better than that.

We know of "State" sponsored terrorism. I'd say the threat of the Gestapo or SS, or American warplanes over your sleeping cities, or the terror of knowing your child will get cancer from living where it does...or the notion that the worlds largest country will attack the world's weakest already decimated country at any time of day or night, for however long it feels like it, in whatever way it deems necessary without anyone to say it Nay... I'd say these are pretty terrifying circumstances to live under.

The United States used to count a number of Blacks as equivalent to one White Man. It seems 5000 dead, not all of them Americans either, count far more than all the Iraqi and Palestinians killed over the years, as we know Israel kills far more then it gets killed...but still manages to behave as if Israeli deaths were the only ones that counted, or should count to anybody.

Each entity strikes back or out as best it can. I'm certain the Palestinians and the Iraqis would like nothing better than to have gunships, jets and aircraft carriers with which to take on the US military. Not having the implements of State Sponsored Terrorism in the guise of "War"...even when declared against the innocent, these people resort to what they can.

During the Vietnam War when the Americans were setting conditions for Peace Talks to begin, it was pointed out that you don't negotiate with the person who breaks into your country, you ask them to get the hell out. During the Communist Era, the United States felt perfectly justified in terrorising any number of small countries whose peasants, having never had the benefit of Magna Charta or a European Parliamentary system to draw from, and having been instead fighting for years against the rapacious policies of Colonialism and Imperialism...fought back as best they could and developed those ideologies they felt suited them best. Just what gave the United States the right to dislike those ideologies to such an extent that it felt justified in killing tens of thousands and millions of innocent people trying to work out their destinies at the stage of development they were at?

Nothing but naked greed and the will to do so. What most people, our own especially, are expressing is a feeling that America has done right by them, and they aren't particularly concerned how it went about doing it. People are now trying to show us how America did it, and the lesson hurts.

The Arab world never went meddling with the Christian West till it came looking for a fight and an easy victory. It got the fight, but no easy anything. There will turn out to have been a surcharge for all that cheap oil, and of such a high price that we'll wish we'd paid a fair price for it instead.

The cost to us will not be in innocent victims, but the changes the Right will make in our Constitutional protections...something they've been itching to do for generations now. Politicians will have to be "tough on Terrorism" as they used to have to be on Communism...people and leaders will fall into step, afraid to have their loyalty questioned. It will be those bad old days again when Americans went to bed in fear of the unknown infiltrator in their midst...and this time he will look a lot like us!!

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