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Posted by parhad on September 20, 2001 at 07:50:38:

I managed to sneak in across the "incomplete submission" barrier last night. It's back up so I can't answer Sam D. over there, so here it is...

These will definitely become "dangerous" and "subversive views". We've been here before. It seems every fifty years or so we get a dose of Paranoia to keep things humming along. The changes to our Constitutional guarantees and the chance for a whole lot more nincompoops to be elected to washington will be the bigger price we'll pay, the real damamge in these attacks.

There are any number of people who don't understand how America became such a desirable place to live...that as much as it was the wealth and power, it was more the political system, the rights and freedoms it developed which allowed the human mind and will the scope to develop so. But Freedom carries the greatest reponsibility of have to be worthy of it. And succeeding waves of Americans and immigrants have only wanted the goodies...and they think by getting rid of "due process" among other things, they'll just streamline the process so they can get more goodies, without all the "obstacles".

How many people secretly feel that the Secret Police will never come for THEM?

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