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This Guy Is Not Only Stupid...

Posted by parhad on September 21, 2001 at 09:45:34:

...He's dangerous as well. He's among those who call on our demoralized people back home to stand out and build churches and get beat up so he can piss and whine back here, where he's safe to fight radical Islam.

Militant Muslims are like Nazis in the sense that they are so convinced of their supremacy that they are willing to kill anyone who is not like them.

>>>The Nazis were also Christians who struck a deal with that other Christian, the Pope, to turn a blind eye while they rounded up them Jews and anyone else...Christians can be like that when they don't like you AND when they follow the teachings of a "pacifist" Church which has been preaching and conducting a Jihad of it's own against innocent Jews for 2000 years...pretty peaceful stuff.

Like the Nazis, the Islamic fundamentalists may be a small minority, but like in Nazi Germany, they are being supported by vast numbers of so-called "moderates."

>>>How'd you like to live in a country ruled by Jerry Falwell, dummy!

Like the case of Nazi Germany, the Afghan general population are the non-Nazi populace who are going to have to pay the price of allowing evil to live with them.

>>>"Evil" exists everywhere, America has done its share of Evil in the world...such as the Sanctions in our own country, not yours, OURS....I mean the Holy Land of our ancestors...not Jerusalem the holy land of YOUR ancestors.

Unless they are actively engaged in resistance against these fanatics, there ARE NO innocents there, just those that are ACTIVELY evil and those that are PASSIVELY evil.

>>>How comforting your world view must be..."those who like your favorite cookies with milk, against those who don't"

If they are actively engaged in resistance, like the Northern Alliance is, then they should realize that our efforts to destroy this evil are done on their behalf as well,

>>>Well, if you belive in radical Christianity it's no wonder you can be led like a sheep by the nose. How corregeous you are from a safe's the same way you confront me...if I manage to get by your guard "answer" me...the rest of the time you're hiding out, which is exactly the posture you'll take as you cheer others on to kill and get killed.

>>>No one asked America to defend Israel "at all costs" one asked America to come in there attacking the United States is the only one that knows when people deserve to be killed. Get off your high ass before you fall and hurt yourself.

even if some of them are inadvertently killed by us, much like the Maquis in France during WW2.

>>>I like the "inadvertant". What a fool you are.

I read a report from Professor Ansary of Berkeley University, himself an Afghan-American. Ansary says: "The only way to get Bin Laden is to go in there with ground troops." "to get any troops to Afghanistan, we'd have to go through Pakistan. Would they let us? Not likely. The conquest of Pakistan would have to be first. Will other Muslim nations just stand by? We're flirting with a world war between Islam and the West."

>>>Why don't we just give America carte blanche to run the world the way they see fit. You can see by looking at our own society how well they've done, our excellent schools, the peace and quiet in our peaceful and pacified citites, the clean streets absent the beggars we see in other lands, the absence of drugs of any kind, for your head, your psyche or your dick, the growing prison population shows how compassionate we are become and the executions show how advanced...and, well, I just can't imagine why everyone isn't rushing to be like us. If workers from around the world come here for "freedom" and the chance to make money and be might be because we've ruined their own countries. Never mind, pass your cookies and milk.

The good Professor is right on the money. I think most us understand that ground troops are the only way to defeat this man and his cohorts.

>>>Sure they the Gulf War that was supposed to take care of this situation and gave us this situation and this "war" which will "solve" this situation too and give us another situation. If there's one thing we know, it's that American might and weaponry have led to success after success starting with WWI which made the world safe for democracy, to WWII, which made it safer, to Korea which made it safer some more, to Vietnam, which really made us safe, to the Gulf War which took care of our safety, and to this one which will make the world safe for the one after that which will just tidy up some unsafe left-overs and so on until we're all safe.

Most of us are also quite ready to do what it takes, both in terms of sacrificing our soldiers and collateral damage.

>>>Boy, are you in touch with the pulse of you.

I think those of us who have seen the aftermatch of the brutality of Islamic fundamentalists in Diarbekir, Hakkari, Urmia, Tur-Abdin and other places where entire Christian villages have been hacked and bludgeoned to death realize that we are dealing with an implacable foe.

>>>Funny, I'd say it was Islamic countries which have been dealing with a pretty implacable Foe starting with the Crusaders to, the British Empire and its cousin the American Imperial and Global system. I still can't recall a single instance when they attacked any Western power that we should feel so all fired righteous in going after them.

>>>The sanctions against women and children aren't TERROR?? Have another cookie.

I think a lot of us also realize that this IS ultimately a struggle between Islam and Judaeo-Christiandom. Sooner or later it will come to a death struggle between their civilization and our civilization, their god and our God. In the end, one or the other will be wiped out.

>>>Thank god no one listens to a nut job like you. Brave and simple words DEED, you are an abject coward and pretty silly too. Your ounce of "learning" will have to do for you and you alone.

Personally I believe that we would be shirking our responsibility if we left this fight to our children.

>>>Personally I think America has been fighting Children.

For they will surely have to.

>>>I'm all a tremble at the prospect of you writing in blood red letters.

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