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Dr George "Stands"...

Posted by parhad on September 21, 2001 at 10:44:09:

This guy also "stood" with the British, and because of his religious affiliation and affinity with Christian nations in the West will "stand" with any Christian nation or force which he thinks will embrace him and his peculiar brand of Christianity. No wonder the Levies were the chumps they were, and no wonder Simele happened and any number of incidents when the dominant Muslim population had such clear evidence of our "solidarity" with Christian forces eager to carve up their countries and steal their resources.

It didn't take much to kill an innocent man in Arizona...just a beard that looked "muslim" was enough. In this incident and all the other hatred aimed at American citizens who SHARE A RELIGION...or a beard, with "enemies" of America, we can see just how paranoid and fearful Muslim countries were at the prospect of a "fifth column" in their midst.

It wouldn't be so hard to see if people weren't so self-righteously "right".

We stand with people of the United States

As an Assyrian national I stand with American people in this time of national tragedy following the terrorist attacks. This premeditated terror has been going on for nearly 30 years now. The aims are plain, butchering Christians, driving them out of their homelands and bringing down their civilizations.

Funded from oil well revenues and indoctrinated with obsolete empty slogans and sheltered worldwide in hot spot lands begun their cheap deeds in destruction of the civil society -which is Christian. This is a conspiracy aimed at bringing the USA to its knees. Once achieved the rest of the world would fall like dominoes.

The world and the USA wont be static as before and the era of Christians eradication has ended on 11.9.2001. New world will stand and liberty will be given to all, especially the persecuted Christians.

Here, I applaude the Assyrian organizations who promptly condemned the terror attack and hailed the American stance especially the Assyrian American National Federation and the Assyrian Universal Alliance both in the USA and Australia.

Glory to our Assyrian Nation.

Dr George Habash, UK

21 September 2001

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