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Answer 'Em Where They Hide

Posted by parhad on September 21, 2001 at 18:25:27:

Posted by Mar Polous Tleeqa on Friday, 21 September 2001, at 9:06 a.m., in response to fyi, posted by fyi on Thursday, 20 September 2001, at 5:02 p.m.

Khaloo Touma,

Have you ever taken the time away from admiring yourself in the mirror to entertain the thought that nobody, apart from your 3 groupies, gives a damn about you or your stupid sculptures ?

>>>Oh, I don't expect you to understand or appreciate, or spell for that matter, at all. If it were not the case...this work wouldn't be necessary. You'd be surprised at how the work is treated by non-Assyrians. I know what you're afraid of...the day may come when YOU will be ashamed to admit you are Assyrian...just as guys like you have always made me ashamed.

We're sick of this story. You got your a-s-s kicked at the convention. You're not wanted.

>>>That's certainly the impression that they're trying to give...I don't blame them, they have every reason to be afraid, as you do to hide and lay down every so often so you don't faint. You know damn well you couldn't handle a face to face...for good reason.

>>>Believe me, they will pay one by one...just as John Nimrod did. This time he wont avoid testifying under oath.

Pick up your chin - move to Mexico already, or better yet Afghanistan, get a real job and go on with the remainder of your pitiful sellout life.

>>>When Assyrians are remembered for anything, those with a'll be as anonymouse as you are now.

Most of us realize by now that your artwork (sic) is your way of salving your consciousness about having come from a band of sellout, Uncle Tom Assyrians. You try and dictate who is a real Assyrian because you know you're NOT.

Nyah Nyah...Assyrian is an action verb, as David has said many times. Hiding behind cutsey tutsie names(sick) just isn't Assyrian....sweet cheeks.

The vast majority of us real Assyrians (those who didn't bend over at Baghdad's command), as unbelievable as it may be to your groupies, have a REAL life. And we have more important things to worry about than your silly artwork (sic), or who you might be mad at today.

>>>You are a fool, but then you are a good one, and should be praised whenever possible. Bravo!

Geez. You b-i-t-c-h more than a Jewish mother.

>>>Why pick on make a pretty good bitch yourself.

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