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Re: Debate Forum

Posted by Ir@qi on September 21, 2001 at 22:56:34:

In Reply to: Re: Debate Forum posted by Jeff on September 21, 2001 at 21:34:22:

I watched hundreds of best American politicians, and "experts" on American TV, and have seen very few who are as good as you are. I am sure you will make us proud.
Forget about Ishaya, let her save her Gas for her sisters.
Hold off the Booze till after the debate, Ross will love it if you come drunk, or if you don't show up after a DUI.
What ever your bar "Buddy" tells you, still Alcohol is a disease.
Sorry for lecturing. I will stop now, and will not tell you the story of the over confident Rabbit, and the sneaky turtle race. God luck again.

: : Just spoke with Mr Marzillier at the college in Los Angeles. He said the debate is on and they will video it. I'd been in contact with the president of the Los Angeles Assyrian association who'd promised to get the word out in LA and among our churches. He also said he would call Dr Arianne which I blanched. I'd once had to answer a bunch of questions from the San Jose club right after Ashurbanipal had been installed. Ms Ishaya had been particularly upset that so much money had been spent on a monument when her "sisters in Turkey were starving." I can't remember my answer and I wouldn't expect her to want to attend any function where she didn't speak...or I did.

: : The gentleman then added that he'd thought to call Francis Sarguis to see if he would come...fat chance...also I noticed a faint plea in his voice when he said ..."we should get someone to give the facts." When I responded about Francis that I didn't think he would attend, he asked me a little too quickly I thought, "Why not"? At which I went all through the Narsai diploma and Francis lie thing...I can imagine what Francis, a "respected" scholar in the community said about me being the one to debate this "Giant" of a Dr. Ross.

: : It's very likely, given our peculiar bent, that people will not come because they don't like me personally, or what they've heard...just as that one fellow crossed his name off the petition of protest about Ross because I wasn't a Christian...go figure.

: : Then again he told me that people were nervous about venturing out as foreign elements, you know, "darkies", at a time like this. No one ever said we were corrageous but for the love of Ashur THAT scared???

: : I'll drive down Sunday night, get drunk on Monday and show up at the college to do us all proud. You can count on it.

: A drunk Parhad can out-debate a very sober "Ross" any day of the week...

: Just my observations from what has happened thus far,
: Jeff

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