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Looking Back

Posted by parhad on September 22, 2001 at 09:55:34:

How easy it was to devastate this economy. We should have seen it coming. I don't think America's economy is strong at all. When OPEC mounted the first embargo in the 70's, PanAm went bust because jet fuel rose three cents a gallon. Several other companies and families, living on a razor's edge, went belly up as well.

Increasingly it seems this economy has depended upon selling useless and high priced "ego" enhancers to a dwindling number of Yuppies, who themselves haven't a dime in the bank to tide them over.

You don't have a strong economy when it's supported by Pop culture and Pop spending. The real strength of a nation and therefore its economy, is the mental and physical well-being of its coming generations, its children.

American children are not only among the worst educated in the world, and fattest, they seem to be among the most clueless as well. And how would they avoid it? There is a multi-billion dollar industry with some of the slickest of slick pros who sit around in corporate headquarters figuring out ways to pry Johnny and Jane loose from their parent's control, to dazzle and dizzy them with an array of time consuming garbage, the essence of which is to make them eternally dissatisfied with WHATEVER you buy them, forever on the prowl for what's "new" or "In" etc. And the parents themselves, having been forced to BOTH go out and work, feel that the "extra" money they'll have to spend on this junk will compensate their kids for being left home alone to be raised by the Entertainment Industry. American "culture" will ALL be POP soon, just as those buildings and all those lives went "Pop".

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