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I Forgot About This One...

Posted by parhad on September 22, 2001 at 11:09:08:

In Reply to: tleeqa....Lost in Red CAPS! posted by PARHAD on September 20, 2001 at 13:20:47:

: >>>Funny this guy wont come here to thump his hairy nose...hides out where he feels safe...I'll answer him later, got to go to the potty right now...ho hum.

: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

: Khaloo Touma Speaks.

: Posted by Mar Polous Tleeqa on Thursday, 20 September 2001, at 8:32 a.m., in response to Just When You Thought It Was Safe!!!, posted by parhad on Wednesday, 19 September 2001, at 11:00 p.m.

: >>>Could as easily be stated as the inability of the Christian West to find someplace else to steal their oil from.

: In 1854, when the moslems were slaughtering your grandparents parents, there was no oil issue. The entire history of Islam has involved killing YOUR people. And now you are defending THEM. Nakhpithwa.

+++++++++ Today, not in 1854 or 1453, Christians are slaughtering my people and ruining my ancestral Holy Land. I'm not defending anyone, not Jew, Muslim or Christian. I have no favorites here, just Assyrians, and Assyrians as their name indicates, are believers in Ashur, not Yahweh. Killing Assyrians has not been the entire history of Islam, it's the only part of it you they have idiots like you who only see death and destruction visited upon them by Christians and nothing else. They killed Assyrians because of what they saw of Christianity and Christian ethics and morality and violence. Maybe not Assyrian CHRISTIAN ethics etc. but as you don't make distinctions between "good" and "bad" Muslims...seeing only the BAD...why should they be any different than you?

: >>>It was only a few years ago, when the Islamic world was relatively peacefil and stable, that the Christian West was murdering and raping its own people for minor religious differences...I'd say killing ten thousand in one day was pretty extreme...not to mention burning alive Jews, throwing them into rivers etc and etc. Now why have Christians been shedding rivers of blood since time wonders if the extreme views of our own Christian extremists such as Falwell et al, if they once gain power, as the Right is eager to capitalize on this recent incident...would show us what extremism is all about. It is only the secular document known as the US Constitution that has saved us so far, and that's about to be jettisoned in favor of extreme measures against American citizens of a "suspicious" cast (meaning you and I)...and women and children, as the killing of so many innocents in Iraq, by Christian "moderates" for the past decade has prepared us to accept on a daily basis so long as "we" could be safe.

: When was the Islamic World ever peaceful? Are you frickin' kidding me or what? You mean the Ottoman Empire, when Turks where slaughtering fellow Islamic Arabs? Give me a break.

++++++++The Ottoman Turks are called the "Gentlemen" of the Mideival World...when Christianity had its "Dark Ages" and was roasting people alive. The Moslems were known for a level of refinement and "honor" unheard of in the West. The cities of Cordoba and Toledo and Grenada were the most cultured and refined and civilized in their day, as was Baghdad in its heyday under Haroun al Rashid. There are mullahs on their side today as ignorant as you are.

: I'm talking about Assyrians here, not what the frickin' King of Norway, the Prince of France, or anyone else did. Got it? Assyrian Christians - that's the topic. We never killed any Jews nor were WE responsible for 10,000 killed in one day. Nor do we give a damn about Jerry Falwell.

+++++++All the worse then for allowing ourselves and our children to be slaughtered for you admit. "All" we're responsible for is adopting a creed that demanded we lie down and get stepped on unresisitingly like that silly dear carpenter who showed us exactly what to expect from "turning the cheek". When a Moslem dies fighting to protect his heritage and family, he goes to Heaven....we have to get there by allowing ourselves and our heritage and our children and our wives and parents and friends to be killed "meekly" like that jew fellow. Any wonder you got what was promised...what was coming to you? Take it like a "man".

: >>>Sounds a lot like the British Empire all over again...not to mention the new and improved version of American 'empire" through Globalism.

: Except that the Islamic Empire has been around for 1,400 years and has been killing ASSYRIANS for about that long.

++++++++Christianity has been around longer, and has been killing Christians for that long (Ireland), when it wasn't killing natives in America, Latin America, Africa, China, India, Australia, Patagonia...and anywhere else on this planet it managed to land a missionary first. Everyone kills.

: >>>It's been easier to get angry at Assyrians as they shrug their shoulders at the murder of THEIR OWN people for years now, a crime against themselves they help pay for...especially knowing that they consider this a regretable sidelight to their hope of regaining "Assyria" while on Welfare in the United States.

: Exactly, just as YOU have been doing with YOUR tax money. We have already addressed this, and you have already been shown to be a hypocrite.

+++++++++If it's true that we all have to pay taxes, it's also true that we don't have to stop there. Europeans stood by and watched as their friends and neighbors and fellow human beans were rounded up and killed by the Nazis...those same people eventually woke up and defeated the don't have to remain a slug and a slime all your life. If paying taxes is inevitable, so is the chance to speak truth and do justice.

: >>>Try building a mosque in Manhattan right now, try going outside if you are a Muslim woman, try walking outside if you are A Sikh, an Iranian, a Pakistani, a Hindu...try any of these things today after 5000 have been killed and ask yourself why none of this has happened in Iraq where Christian countries have killed over a million and robbed and bombed and poisoned the land.

: GOOD. Let them feel the same persecution that we feel back home. I want them to be stared at, I want them to feel uneasy about going to the mosque. I want them to be on the receiving end of mob action. Then they will realize that just because we are Christians, doesn't mean that we support what America is doing in Iraq - there's no need to persecute US everytime the U.S. bombs them - just because WE HAPPEN TO SHARE THE SAME "TYPE" OF RELIGION.

+++++++++++You are a mean, petty, vindictive little Christian. That's punishment enough for ten lifetimes...kicking you around the block is just icing on your cake.

: We Christian Assyrians are no more responsible for the attacks against Iraq than Iraqi Muslims are for the recent WTC attacks.

++++++++++++You are most responsible for the attacks we've suffered. If you walk your children into a fire, it isn't the fire's fault they got burned. You can't seriously hope to protect your children, homes and Heritage by going through life as Jesus did. he had no interest in living on this earth AS IT IS...marrying or raising a family. His mesianic goal was to end this world and get to the afterlife...and he ended his and got nothing in return. You've elected to believe in this silly philosophy, and are actually PLEASED at this choice idiocy...and the result has been that Christian Assyrians walked right into a revolving blade called "Reality" and got chewed up for it...why blame the blade? You are responsible, not Islam, not any religion or people who have done what all people who want life on THIS planet do...they rob and steal and kill to get what they's also what the ancient Assyrians don't think anyone "gave" them that Empire do you? Neither did anyone "give" America its Empire...the one you come running to cause you know it isn't guided by any foolish Christian notions, the ones that cost you YOUR lands and homes.

: The difference is, we have been persecuted like this for 1,400 years now. This is nothing new and has nothing to do with Israel or the United States.

+++++++++++You can't call it "persecution" when you put your hand in the is stupidity. We live in a world where NO ONE practices those Christian principles you don't just bleat about them and people naturally can't see anything else to do with sheep but slit their throats or shear them.

: They are just now feeling the wrath of radical Islam. Unlike us, however, they are not helpless. And radical Islam is about to get obliterated. Good riddins.

++++++++++++"Radical Islam" isn't Islam at all. It is a good pretense for a murderous hatred which the West has been cultivating in those people for they now very quickly learned to become "radical" themselves. In 24 hours Colin Powell became a radical...he went from admonishing that "violence is not the way" demanding the "right" to kill anyone we see fit. Violence only begets more. It already has. These same grand sounding phrases were uttered before the Gulf War...obviously they didn't work then either.

+++++++++++The United States created the Taliban, trained and armed Bin Ladin to fight Communism in they trained and supplied Saddam. These are America's creatures which it can no longer control and wants to get rid of now that they've served their purpose. Noriega too sits in a jail cell in Florida...laid off. The United States encouraged and supported Khomeini...AND the Shah and will use and betray anyone it needs to. Let Israel go too far, let it begin to hurt US interests and you'll see how "bought" America is. It is all policy.

: >>>Why was it the everywhere in the world Christians were in the majority, non-Christians, or even other Christians, were murdered and raped as they still are in Ireland? Why was there slavery in America of such a virulent and racist type as never seen in the world before, the type which consigned distant descendents with even a 16th part Black blood to inferior status no matter what.

: We are talking about TODAY, not what Christian countries did centuries ago. TODAY Moslems in America are free to preach and to convert and to build mosques. Try converting a Muslim in ANY Muslim country. But they do it here freely.

+++++++++They have been able to do it because of the United States Constitution...something increasingly under attack by conservative forces and idiots such as yourself. TODAY and for the last 12 years Christian Chaplains and pulpits across this land have been blessing the attacks and systematic starvation of MY people in Iraq, the Assyrians. TODAY it is Christians who are devastating those lands, not Muslims. The Moslem government of Iraq is protecting its resources and treasures and people from CHRISTIAN attack and violence. Get out of the past.

: >>>Give an instance in the last 200 years when any Islamic country, radical or otherwise has attacked England, France, Belgium, Germany or the United States.

: You're right. No Islamic country, radical or otherwise has attacked England, France, Belgium, Germany or the United States in the last 200 years.

++++++++++Or ever!(Spain they did attack, but only to improve it as eventually their culture found its way to the rest of Europe) Yet all those countries have taken turns at either attacking the MidEast and Islam, or profited from the attacks mounted by their neighbors. What had Egypt done to France that Napoleon should have gone there to kill and capture? And it was the French who formed an alliance with the Ottomans AGAINST their fellow Christians in Europe.

++++++++It was the Moslems who absorbed the brunt of the Mongol invasion, saving European Christianity...and they paid such a heavy price they never recovered. The Islamic world in the 13th century was by far the more advanced...the treasure and architecture and public baths and street lighting and plumbing and sewage drainage in Baghdad, the hospitals and colleges and libraries and museums were the envy of the world...when Christians hadn't a cloth to hide behind and were afraid to wash with water or open a window because evil spirits lurked in the air.

++++++++++All the knowledge and wealth of centuries was wiped out in forty years of some of the most devastating and thorough warfare ever practiced by anyone. Several cities never recovered and you can bet that conservative Muslim clerics saw this all as punishment from Allah because Islam had "strayed from its roots"...those slimeballs are ever present in every religion. Islam today is nothing like it once was.

: The Ottoman Empire in the last 400 years only attacked Assyrians, Greece, Lebanon, Serbia, Russia, Bulgaria, Italy, Cyprus and countless others.

>>>Empires do that...ours did, so did the British, so has America...and so will America with its "Globalism"...another word for "War"...only with economic bombs which will destroy lives while allowing the "dead" to walk the earth.

: Only now have America and Britain and Germany been attacked, and they are not powerless like we were. The diaper-heads have messed with the wrong crowd now.

++++++++++You are as ignorant and as racist as anyone you oppose. In fact you have more in common with those you's always the way.

: >>>Muhammad has inspired some of the most sublime thinkers and rulers and philosophers this world has seen.

: Yeah, Tamerlane, O-SAMA and YOU. An impressive bunch.

+++++++++++++There are any number of murderous Christian leaders as there have been kings and Popes in the past. When ten thousand were killed in one day in France, Protestants,...the Pope declared a holy day and gave thanks to God on high for his justice and mercy. No one is exempt by virtue of anything except his or her own personal virtue...religions are the same wherever you go and these two, Christianity and Islam both derive from one source.

: >>>You are not an Assyrian. A Jew who rejects his ancestral God is not a Jew. A Christian who removes "Christ" from his name is not a took Ashur out of your are a Christian, go reap your reward, leave us Assyrians to heal this wound you made in us.

: I have more Assyrian blood in my little finger than you

++++++++++It's where you stick that finger that has me wondering.

, or your Iraqi-soldier-traitor father and grandfather had combined

+++++++++++It was never our Assyrian way to attack a person's dead family. It isn't particulary Christian either, but then you aren't either either. Assyrians never hid behind have the best of reasons not to reveal your true identity...keep it that way.

, you pitiful son-of-a-#####.

+++++++++++++This is one pitiful son of a bitch who is willing to confront you any time. Are you so proud to be a coward? Is it an achievement, an improvement in your bloodline?

: Don't you EVERY compare yourself to me, you don't even come close, khaloo touma.

+++++++++++++++The Lord love you, when was I comparing myself to you? There is no comparison to be made. I have a name I'm not ashamed of, speak in ways I'm not afraid to defend, have placed Assyrian monuments in cities you can only hope to visit...where is there any comparison with you, whatever you are?

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