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Re: Never a truer word

Posted by parhad on September 23, 2001 at 09:29:08:

In Reply to: Never a truer word posted by Sam.D. on September 23, 2001 at 08:37:21:

That was one time or another we've been made somewhat familiar with these incidents...but to see them listed one after the other is startling to say the least. Stupid and ignorant people with weapons of mass destruction in their hands are a threat to the whole world. Americans I mean.

None of this is done or has been done to "insure OUR way of life"...our way of life, yours and mine, does not require the murder of innocent children...that's blasphemy and I wouldn't want it anyway, as many many people don't. These things are done to insure the way of life of a few powerful entities, it is to insure THEIR profits that these things are done. Power breeds profits. That gallon of gas, or sweatshirt costs as much and more than it ever did. The difference is that the margin of profit, the amount pocketed, by the maker or producer has soared.

We will of course "rebuild" the demoralized and ravaged countries...we will happily give them "loans" and teach them "democracy"...and they'll fall in step, and maybe some things will improve in those countries...but its just a new way of re-making "Vassal States". It is NOT for their sakes we do any of it, bomb or rebuild.


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