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Why not getting all facts together first?

Posted by andreas on September 24, 2001 at 07:25:55:

In Reply to: URGENT : Assyrian church destroyed in Chicago! posted by David Chibo on September 24, 2001 at 03:32:12:

Why not first getting all facts together?

a) counter-strategy for de-panicking +
b) efficient protective measures in co-op with Chicago city authorities and media campaigning.

Setting up a liaison office Assyrian/Chaldean - Arabs + others: Italian, Hispanic, Greek, Armenians on the one side - Chicago on the other side

.... etc etc.

Only to start with:


Local News

Local news provided by:
Metro Networks

More Alleged Hate Crimes Against Arab Americans

Chicago Police are investigating more suspected hate-crimes against Arab-Americans. Both were reported early Sunday. Police say somebody apparently tried to burn down St. John's Assyrian Church at 1400 West Lawrence. Somebody stuffed paper into a mail slot and lit it. Marvin Odeshoo is a parishoner and a Korean War veteran. He said "we're from the Middle-East, but this is our country, we wouldn't do anything to harm the country at all." Sunday services were cancelled because of the damage which is estimated at 200-thousand-dollars. The church was planning to raise money Sunday for the relief-effort in New York. In the 5100 block of West Berenice, Palestinian native Munther Omar was having a barbecue when somebody threw bottles into his back yard. He found graffitti sprayed on his garage, with the words "Arabic Killa." The Police Civil Rights Division is investigating both incidents.


Assyrian Church of the East - St. John's Parish
Reverend Father Charles Klutz 1421 W. Lawrence Ave, Chicago, IL 60640
(773)465-4777 - Fax(773) 465-0776


Crime records data base of Chicago police:

Unfortunately updated only till Sept 17.

Maybe useful for further follow ups.

Telephone Contact from Outside the City of Chicago: 312-746-6000

Send e-mail to:

4) Interviews: Curch, Newspapers, city offices etc. etc. etc.

: People,

: Some important news just reached my inbox.
: St. John Assyrian Church of the East, in Chicago, has been attacked andd destroyed last night at around 4 am with an estimated $200,000 US worth of damages.

: Things are getting out of hand and quickly.
: Jeff, contact our people and churches in Detroit, the rest of you do the same to our other communities in the US and Australia. We need to have volunteers house-sit our churches overnight until this U.S. State department media demonisation of ALL middle Eastern people blows over.

: People where-ever you are PLEASE look after yourselves and stand up for and protect not just each other but all Arabs, Muslims and other Middle-Easterners!

: Pshena,
: David
: ========================
: The LORD gives and the LORD taketh away!
: O, Blessed be the Name of the LORD forever and ever:
: Amen
: I am in tears, and my heart is broken, this morning at 4:00 A.M. I was called to the Church building, the parish of St John, to witness the fire which had been set to destroy our Christian witness in Chicago, As Oriental Catholics we had been warned that a possibility of a superpatriot or some unbalanced feeble suffering soul would try to destroy our Church buildings.

: Well, this morning, (4:00 A.M.) the neighbor to the
: St John Church telephoned me and informed that fire was shooting out of the roof, and the fire department had been called I fled the comforts of my bedroom arriving on the scene at 4:26 A.M. or so, and was shocked to find the fire-trucks, emergency vehicles, police wagons, the whole schmear! Shortly I was joined by a Parish Council member, who lives just a short distance from The Church.

: The damage was quickly assessed with an approximate price of over $200,000.00 in fire and water damages.

: Pray for us
: Qasha

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