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Complain, and Piss and Moan, HERE!

Posted by parhad on September 25, 2001 at 20:47:06:

Posted by Firas Jatou on Tuesday, 25 September 2001, at 1:30 p.m.

Several articles are being written about Arab Americans due to the recent tragedy. Naturally, some American writers who know nothing about the middle east go to the internet and look up the 'facts'. One source that is being used is the Arab Americna Institute which is falsly stating that Chaldeans or Assyrians are Arabs!

I urge you to contact this 'institute' and complain about this obvious mistake.

Here is a sample of their data:


Not all Muslims are Arab; not all Arabs are Muslim. Here are some interesting facts

The number of Muslims in America has soared in the past 30 years...

1970 500,000 2001 6-7 million

...and a large portion of them are African America.

African American 30% to 40% Arab American 25% to 30% South Asian 25% to 30%

The majority of Arab Americans are Christian

Catholic 42% Muslim 23% Orthodox 23% Protestant 12%

...and are heavily concentrated in urban areas

Los Angeles 283,400 Detroit 219,800 New York 162,700 N.E. New Jersey 92,100 Chicago 91,300

Includes Antiochian, Syrian, Greek, Coptic, Chaldean and Assyrian rites

Source: Arab American Institute

Complain here

>>>When we have the chance, we had it in Los Angeles last night, to stand up tall and proud, when we're afforded the opportunity to explain ourselves to interested people on a college campus, we sit home in front of the TV or computer screen...then when we hear of a mistake made by someone ignorant of our presence or details about us...we're provided with a "click here to complain" button...just to show what Activists and warriors Assyrians were.

Here's a pot to piss in...piss your "greatness and facts into it!!

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