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A lesson in Mass Media

Posted by Ir@qi on September 25, 2001 at 22:53:48:

Thank you parhad for speaking on the behave of our people, this is a memory which will stay with you, and you will be proud about, as much as any of your wonderful statues. In this case you were remolding the heart and mind of some of those people who have lived in the darkness, in the land of free speech and Democracy.
The "Man" who control this country give us a small room to scream to the top of our lung in, and he chose the time, and the place carefully so you will get 30 audience who are tired after a manic Monday, and ready to go home, while the "Man" gives Larry King, and Wolf Blitzer the microphone to 2 Billion people, at "Prime Time".
This is a lesson in Democracy, and a lesson in Mass Media.
I think if you can get all Assyrian TV 's in the US, and Europe to show the tap, then you would really achieve something even more significant than you have already done. If Assyrians start seeing one of their own, challenging the system, and standing up to Professors, and Politicians, they will be encouraged to do the same, and you will have other people like you doing this to another 30 people in a chain reaction.
A lot of useless stuff is shown on Assyrian TV, so I do not think they have an excuse to block your tap. start by
asking them to show a clip of the tap on the news hour. You may also ask the American Public TV channel if they would show it, in a city with a large Assyrian community. I understand these are free.
I am computer illiterate, and I assume it is too large to be posted on this page as a streaming Video ?
Thanks again.

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