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Re: Morning After....without a pill

Posted by tony on September 26, 2001 at 00:13:40:

In Reply to: Morning After....without a pill posted by parhad on September 25, 2001 at 12:22:33:

: Five Assyrians showed up, but bless 'em they asked enough questions. There were other people, maybe thirty in all. Too went well.

: I'm certain there are many who will be delighted there was such a small turn out because it means I "lost" not "liked"...not "popular"...and all those things which great movements and Grat Peepils are made of. But it was a beginning. In her opening comments Dr. Wieder said we should do more of this...meaning try to educate each other. We plan to ask the college to support some sort of annual event at which more popular and well liked Assyrians would feel safe and comfortable to show up at.

: Dr. Ross has to be heard to be appreciated...and you'll be able to do that because they taped the whole thing. We'll make copies available to the Assyrian TV stations if they run out of material some day (joke).

: Ross stuck to his guns...he has his sources and nothing is going to shake him loose. It's hardly an academic position, more like a Pit Bull's grasp of "facts"...right between his teeth.

: I presented a frightening amount of learning crammed into my head in the last 48 hours. I told the assembled crowd that Sennakherib was really married to Ashurnasirpal and their son, Sargon II ruled for a long time...I surprised them all when I declared that Assyrians had been among the first to eat horses...or maybe it was ride horses...anyway, that they had a lot to do with horses...that the Tigris had been moved there from Harran, or Haroun, I forget which, and it's "stripes" alluded to a legend in "The Elbow of Gilgamesh" when the precursor of Noah, UtnaPisheeta called down the wrath of Moses on the Elamites for crossing into Phillistia via Viena, or was it Vesuvius? Anyway, I stopped them all dead in their tracks I can tell you. You could even see tears in a few eyes they were moved so.

: I'll tell you more as I remember.

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