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Posted by parhad on September 26, 2001 at 02:49:40:

As usual, Fred Parhad's view of history is pro-Islam and anti-Christianity. Here is a short historical description of the Islamic conquest of Spain, which contradicts Fred claim that "Islam never attacked the Christian West..." until recently, after "they had enough". Fred will tell you that the Muslim Moors brought the "golden age" to Spain but he will neglect to speak of the fact that the Moors were foreign invaders who conquered and held Spain with the sword. The Christians of Spain finally retook their native land from the Muslims in the 11th century, they apparently had had enough of the Muslims.

>>>I suppose there's no pint in telling this bufoon how it came to be that Christianity took over all of Latin America and many parts of Africa. They all killed and conquered...El Cid, the hero of the Christian kings was a mercenary who fought for whoever paid him, icluding the Moslems.

The point was what those people brought to Europe, which was about as backwards a place as you'd wish for, compared to the Islamic centers of that day. It's true that the Christians had had "enough" and took Spain's alo true that Spain became the most backward and stagnant country in Europe, a place which gave the Christian world the Inquisition and where it starngled the intellect and morals of the people. Boring.

>>>I'm not pro Islam or any of them...I don't like lies and distortions, especially not now when these Christian "Assyrian" creeeps are eager to pile fuel onto America's new found hatred for Islam, something they even less about than Raman does. This is all a part of their weird belief that if enough Moslems get killed, Iraq and Israel, will be safe. They can't imagine that they too will be included in this American need to strike back...Raman actually belives he's welcome through the front door when he's been going in at the Servants entrance in every country he's lived's just that the servants dress well here that has him fooled, "servants" are like that on their days off.

Must have been a mistake when that church got burned down,,,my, my, ignorance is a terrible thing.

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