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Posted by Michael Isaac on September 27, 2001 at 00:17:12:


How are you? Long time no talk. I hope all is well. Question. Have you heard about a group called the "Hamas" who supposedly breef suicide bombers? They are taught from the ripe young age of 6 that the ultimate proclamation of your love for GOD is to tape explosives around you and kill the "enemy" in the name of GOD (the enemy in this case being the Isrealites). The school which teaches this vicious and contradicting act of "false martydom" prepares the "student" by teaching him the Islamic faith and that Jews are here to stop the "diaspora" of the word of "God." The student is then put in a graveyard in between tombstones for days covered with a shroud -- to practice his eternal rest. He is then taken to a secret place where he is videotaped his last rights for future reference -- for his family and for "academic" purposes. The student is then trained how to act with the explosives around him -- to show no fear, no display of suspicion, and how to ignite himself. When the moment comes to perform this "heroic" act, he is only told the place and time hours before he is guided by "specialists" to the site. The student cannot say goodbye to his family. Speaking of his family -- according to this article (Reader's Diges), his family will hold a week's worth of celebration fo rthe heroic act their son has executed. They will use his memory and his autobiographical-videotape as an example as to how everyone should be like. The family is heavily compensated for their child's nationalistic deed. Thea rticle states that there are thousands upon thousands who are on the "waiting list" to suicide bomb the "enemy."

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