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Re: You can't hide behind the Cross

Posted by tony on September 27, 2001 at 01:13:23:

In Reply to: Re: You can't hide behind the Cross posted by Jeff on September 24, 2001 at 06:22:42:


Why are u guys are so afraid? nobody is going to hurt u!

Fear is a sign of weakness.



: : I heard a confirmation about the Chicago church, also heard of a stabbing of a Chaldean in San Diego. people from the Middle East usually are shy, ashamed, or fearful of reporting anything, so I think the over 400 incidents reported so far, is the tip of the ice burg of hate, and racism against innocent Americans, in what is supposed to be their country, whom they served more than their original country (most Arabs study for free in their countries, and come and spend their productive life in the West).
: : As for you Jeff, looking Italian may not help you Jeff, an Italian looks more like an Arab than a Sikh (or Siek), yet they killed a Sikh thinking he is an A-Rab. Ever since the Sikhs have been showing up on TV with a big US flag, and a sign reading "We are Sikh, and we love America", I am not kidding, but I think these racist they kill first, and then read.
: : Any way my advice to you Jeff is to look like a WASP, or a Red Neck.
: : Interestingly I was watching the convention of Italian American on C-SPAN, a couple of months ago, and every speaker was complaining about the discrimination of WASPs against them, and they complained about the HBO movie "The Sopranos" and how it projected negative images of Italians, and I said to my self, what should we say then.

: : : If this is true it puts another light on this debate...this is what was always lurking under the skin here for us. For all those who think they've found a safe haven in this Christian land...think again. This is a Protestant country the people of which do NOT accept your brand of Christianity. To them you are just A-rabs who have a Pagan version of something they salvaged and "Cleaned" up, and made modern and streamlined and put fins on and chrome accessories. When the time comes, they'll chuck us all into the river...where we belong for EVER falling for this nonsense about ALL being children under God, when they've been killing their "brothers and sisters and parents too", since Time began for them.

: Thanks for the advice, but I was just kidding Ir@qi.

: If someone asks me what I "am", I tell them "Chaldean". Then they say "What's that?"

: I tell them that it's a non-Arab middle eastern minority group, and I haven't been harassed about it --- yet.

: I wish you all luck and safety.

: Jeff

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