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Glorified Fool

Posted by parhad on September 27, 2001 at 03:12:19:

Is this parhad?

I guess your recent finding is similar to that of the Queen Shamiran, who you claimed to be a chalean princess!! Remember:-)

Do you really believe that this is how history is understood? I hope this someone you found will not only publish his wild discoveries in newspapers alone but present them at the Assyriology International Congress or perhaps in the Middle East Studies Association Conference, to mention couple :-)

BTW, I would love to sense some of the MERITS you talk about ... where are they? Do you call a quote from a mysterious article by a mystery author in some newspaper a work deserving MERIT?


>>>There was no mystery to the article. It appeared in a newspaper you can barely read. History isn't truth, it's what gets believed. Spout all the pious rant you want to in here, see if it changes a goddamn thing. I'll find that source that claimed Shumirum was a Chaldean princess find one that proves she wasn't. You've made a living for yourself by claiming things you can't prove but just "feel" to be true...while deriding others who do the same thing. You give being "Assyrian" a bad name.

Where's your proof, baby? Give us that one document that proves you are an Assyrian...cause everything about you so far screams that you aren't. You're another one of those "experts" and 'scholars" who'd be laughed off the stage out there, naturally you choose to stay in here and preach to the choir.

You can no more prove you are Assyrian than I can that I'm Chaldean. There IS no proof except what we feel in our feel a smug sense of superiority which not a damn thing about you justifies.

Being pig-headed is your only proof.

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