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Posted by parhad on September 27, 2001 at 09:44:20:

Once upon a time when there was a disagreement, people settled things with stones, slingshots, swords, knives, guns and bombs. Somewhere along the way, people like Hammurabi decided there had to be a better system and the Law was born. Litigation evolved as a way to place a dispute before a third party for resolution. People used to bring their claims directly to the King "on appeal". It's a good system. You avoid bloodshed and fueds, well sort of.

I don't see why Assyrians were so shocked or angered that I sued John Nimrod for the lies he put out by the ton about his sister Helen never commissioning me for those sculptures. It seems only defending oneself is forbidden to Assyrians...they may lie, cheat, steal...and they can stand still and get run over...but under NO circumstances are they ever to stand up for their rights. What should I have done, run him through with a sword?

If I was mistaken then why did he pay up? He had at his disposal the internationally known Law Firm that represents Helen's Millionaire sons...who could have mounted a rigorous defense against my one shakey Assyrian lawyer. After all, I was suing Helen's estate...her sons, who were also subjected to John's lies...and it would have been nothing to have one of their super duper lawyers show up.

John settled because he did not want to face any questions under oath, or repeat the lies he's been spreading in the's that simple.

I hate making threats of any kind and "I'm going to sue you", is such a wishy washy statement anyway. I wouldn't say it if I didn't plan on doing it, and I wouldn't waste the time or money doing it if I wasn't certain of my case. I'm I'm going to sue Jackie first, then the Federation and then John Nimrod, personally this time.

NONE of these people are going to want to explain their actions to an impartial judge under oath, in front of people...maybe even Court TV. These people are used to committing any number of awful and illegal acts on the one weekend a year when they buy "respect" from a staff of bellboys and waitresses at a convention somewhere. It goes to their heads...for 72 hours they feel powerful, they feel like real and truly Grat leaders and kings and queens. Then, in the morning, the bill comes due and they are shocked and horrified. They HOPE I don't mean it.

The person in charge of mediation services at California Lawyers For The Arts (I'm sure our people think these aren't "real" lawyers), spoke to Jackie already about my claims against her. Jackie's response was that she was just an insignificant local person, that the National Federation was who she should speak to, that Jackie had no legal authority etc etc. This, from the woman who made the president of the Federation pay for his own tickets, put him in an ordinary room where people coming to confer had to sit on his bed, while she and her pals had the tenth floor suites to themselves...who had to finally be dragged before management to explain that Atour really was in charge etc.

I knew they would do this. That's why she didn't sign that contract. But the fact that Alphonse Odishoo did, as her vice-president, involves their entire club. Besides it wont be difficult to show that Jackie was behind the whole thing.

They are going to write a letter to Atour asking for his side of the story. It will be interesting to see if he'll allow her to dump all over him again. It's amazing...I'm the trouble maker cause I wont let myself be trampled...and THEY are the victims because I wont just let them do whatever idiocy they want to!!

I offered to mediate and settle for what I believe were my losses incurred when I was barred from raising funds for the Hammurabi. But I told the lawyer to skip any more letters...let's just file the suit and start the process...only I'll be suing for a lot more.

Let her explain her actions to a judge, let her repeat what she told the Hotel management about me, the manager will be called to testify...that I was the troublemaker at the Hilton last year, when I've already spoken to them and although the chief of security who was there has retired, the other people in that department remember who the police were looking for, who broke the law etc.

Let her explain her actions over the Shumirum, how she lied when she said she was working to get it in San Jose when she failed to attend any meetings after the first one she went to...let her explain how they came up with a contract for me to sign NINE days after they drafted it...and let Atour explain why the other artists who signed the same contract, were selling their works all along with no threat of expulsion...and how it was that only I had to agree not to "talk" about certain things...and why Atour lied when he said the other artists agreed to kick-back a percentage to the Federation when three of them told me there had been no mention of such a thing. You think Atour Golani, a supervisor at Ford is going to want to repeat that lie on the stand?

They have no idea the hornet's nest they've just unleashed around their own heads. I am a patient and determined man. I plugged away at the Shumirum monument for 13 years, where most people wouldn't even have started such a thing. I will wait, and work, and sell sculpture to pay legal costs and do all I need do in order to bring these people to justice.

In the final analysis, when the papers are filed they must respond...when the trial date is set, they must show up, and when the supoenas go out out, they must come testify...and they will all have to answer for each and every dumb, unjust and illegal act they did one weekend when they felt invincible.

As important as these monuments are, far more important is the effort to rid us of the kind of acts and people who make a mockery of this Heritage, who see it as a playfield for their competing egos...our young people will not step into the muck these people revel in. The ground has to be cleared for anything worthwhile to grow. What writer, or artist among us wants to be controlled by these people, by these kinds of actions? And if you don't protest, don't demand, don't protect your work...but allow them to control will be destroying yourself.

I specifically told Atour Golani NOT to tamper with the three maquettes of Hammurabi I sent to them for the donors who wanted their merchandise. He'd called to suggest I allow him to "fix" them. I did not weld the figure of the King to his throne, the thing he wanted to fix, to make the piece weigh less and to pack better. The king could simply be seated on the throne after the throne was placed on its base. It looked the same, but had the added advantage of being easier to move and set up. I told him so over the phone, said it was a deliberate decision and the way I wanted it.

When I arrived at their home for the CARE art show, I found that Atour had taken the sculptures to Ford and goten them welded anyway...he thought it was better that way, and I've since decided that he must have thought I was SAVING the money it took to weld the pieces so I could put it in MY pocket. I was angry as hell, but I swallowed it for the sake of peace and hrmony etc.

How do you explain to someone that you do NOT take it upon yourself to improve an artist's work? That an engineeer who can't manage to build a car that wont roll over and kill and maim people has challenge enough in his own field, and has no standing or right to have a sculptors pieces welded for him, when he's been expressly told not to do it? Atour has no idea how this one act of his will play out in court...a court where I could easily have sued him for that alone...and would have won hands down.

The day will come...

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