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All The News That's Fit...

Posted by parhad on September 27, 2001 at 13:55:26:

Hello There

The Pope visited the Armenian memorial of 1915 genocide. This an aknowledgement of the Turks' barbarity against Christians in Asia Minor when 1.5-2 m Christians perished under Islamic Sayfo. The Pope also during his visit to central Asia lambasted the Muslim terror wordwide. What do you want more than that?


>>>The entire story might be helpful. In an article in today's New York Times on the visit by one Pope to another at the Armenian dedication and memorial in Yerevan, a local Armenian priest questioned the pope's efforts to, "reach out to Muslims". This priest went on to say, "When the Pope comes here, he'll see what Islam is." Spoken like a true Turkey, such as we have plenty of.

The paper goes on to say, "But others in the crowd disagreed, and said the pope's message of tolerance was the right one. "If the the Muslims in Syria had not opened their gates to us, not one of us would be alive today, said Anton Totonjian, an Armenian priest from Sydney."

And you can imagine what would have happened to those Armenian refugees taken in by Syria if they had allowed themselves to be used by the French as Levies and fought against the very people who rescued them. Don't ever forget the real lesson of Simele.

The world is walking right past these hate-mongers in religious and Nationalist disguises, just as it is turning away in revulsion from all terrorists who use areligious cover for their stupid lies, heinous deeds and propaganda campaigns.

Good riddance.

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