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fu nigger

Posted by white power on January 07, 2002 at 09:41:38:

In Reply to: Islam on NPR posted by parhad on September 27, 2001 at 08:47:01:

: On NPR radio yesterday there were three Muslims answering questions from listeners and discussing REAL Islam. It was a pleasure to hear the respect accorded them by the shows host. One was a woman, a professor of Law at Richmond College of the Law. God I wished Raman or Firas or Peter would have called in and gotten on the air!!! It would have been priceless to hear the woman destroy their ounce of knowledge from which they've been building tons of bullshit.

: One realizes how backward and reactionary these guys are when one goes OUTSIDE this hothouse. Fortunately there were others, just like them, who called in with some "facts" about the violence, the militantcy blah blah of Islam...and it was a pleasure to hear them blown away.

: For every instance of violence or the usual allegations against Islam, there are equal and worse examples of Christian perfidy. What our own puny "experts" do is reply to every such instance of Christian violence and savagery with the quaint retort that..."well, but that isn't REAL Christianity"...seeming to imply that REAL Christians have to be as stupid as they are. If these acts by Popes, Holy Emperors and Christian leaders are not the acts of REAL Christians...then the acts they bring up are clearly not the acts of REAL Muslims. Even Shrub said that these terrorists have hijacked Islam as well.

: Our Muslim hating REAL Christians who spew this hate and who are as pleased that five thousand were killed by MUSLIMS as they are thrilled when Assyrian Christians are killed by MULIMS, will be seen eventually for what they are. They could care less about the fate of our people...just so long as they use their misery to "gain" the advantage of being able to slander Islam. Even Americans who are as ignorant as the day they were born are showing an interest in Islam...are coming out in unprecedented numbers to defend and rally behind their Muslim fellow Americans so that our bitchy little Muslaim Haters will be isolated further in the land they HOPED would join them in killing ALL Muslims.

: We have our own Klu Kluk Klan, and more grand and imperial dragons and wizards than we need.

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