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Posted by parhad ( on January 26, 2002 at 17:14:07:

Thea Halo at UCLA

Posted by Fred Aprim on Saturday, 26 January 2002, at 10:32 a.m.

Join UCLA's HASO for a Presentation Given by Thea Halo;

Acclaimed Author of "Not Even My Name".

Thursday, January 31st @ 7pm, Haines A44

A Small Reception Will Follow.

Thea Halo is the acclaimed author of Not Even My Name. In telling her mother's epic story of survival and ultimate truimph in America, Thea Halo has written an important book about a largely unknown history: the genocide of the Pontic Greeks at the hands of the Turkish government in the years following World War I. Halo's deeply moving portrait of her mother reverberates with large moral issues that affect us all. As written by her daughter Thea, Sano Halo's harrowing account of the destruction of her family and her world is told with such vivid detail that every page sears the mind and the heart. Not Even My Name is a work of burning intensity, self-evidently powerful and true.

===I couldnīt get my hands on a prof from UCLA...but then they wouldnīt hire one who proclaimed his lack of qualifications as his qualification to teach a subject. I had to settle for a podunk junior college cause thatīs the kind of place that would hire a Ross...and Thea gets UCLA.

But I also wonder how much the different topics have to do with it. I was involved in trying to reclaim our name from the slime this Ross heaped on it when he stated that our ancestors were something to be ashamed of and we should be pleased as punch that we were saved by that Jewish knock off cult. That alienated almost the entire Assyrian Christian community which is not interested in anything unless a Muslim did it.

Thea is going to recount the murder of Assyrians...she leaves them weeping in the aisles, and indeed her story is a moving one. But only one of these kinds stories and college talks seems to have appeal...for there can be no harm from weeping copiously...while there is great danger in going out to do battle for our Heritage. The danger is that we will stop reliving the past...we will abandon the "Never Forget" mentality in favor of a "Never Again" one...and that means of course DOING something more, much more, than weeping and protesting.

I have some bad news for Aprim...in her book Thea makes a point of saying her mother, and she herself, bear no hatred for the Turkish, ie Muslim people...for many of them were kind and good and helped as much as they could...far more than most Assyrian Christians would have. And I have heard the same from my family who were caught up in 1915. It is a story about inhumanity committed by Humans not evil entities..she knows we all have it in us to act in unspeakable ways.

But once again...Aprim read the "good" parts (he loves raped virgins) and discarded the rest.

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