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Posted by pancho ( on January 27, 2002 at 17:25:59:

...The old testament isn't a trusted reference in historical matters, because all its stories are almostly refered to Sumarin and Babylonian Legends, Ashur isn't the sun of "The Shem Lie", because the first Ashur was known as a god, The God that we worship today, but with another name..

===This is from a post at aina explaining among other things that Assyrians just changed the name of the god Ashur they always worshipped...yeah right! They also changed their name and their place of residence, their language, their culture and everything else will disappear as the country that also changed its name gets blown to bits.

This begs the question as to why they changed it in the first place...what was wrong with the old name, and why didnīt the rest of the people change their godīs name to ours?

It also makes you want to know that if it is just a question of a change of names, and if the name Ashur was older than whatever name they replaced it with...why not change back...and also is the ritual the same etc. Why not change the name to Clyde or Joe and change it again and again...and of course, why would you change it in the first place...was it a good reason and what was it...or was it a silly reason and then why bother to do it at all.

These are the kinds of posts they couldnīt put up there so long as we were there because they canīt stand up to any scrutiny and they know it...thatīs why they all popped back up there now...and can be left up there to be admired by the half wits who are delighted to see themselves "in print" somewhere.

So why not call Assyrians Muslims...itīs just a name change after all, and itīs the same god, you know, Allah.

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