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Posted by pancho ( on January 28, 2002 at 13:14:17:

..that Saddam and Osama and the rest are being desperately sought by the US and that Islamic Terrorism is a scourge the entire world faces and we all have to shit can the Constitution because it stands in the way of our freedom and just contemplatete THAT...turns out the Ruskies, Commies and no other bad guys could do to our institutions what these fucking Right Wing Christian Republicans will achieve if we let them...sit back and think what those fifty-two Israeli Officers who refused to hound and harrass Palestinians any longer did for all of us.

For one thing they indicated to us that there is no intrinsic hatred of the Western Christians in any Islamic breast untill THEY put it there. These officers refused any longer to cut down orchards and vineyards, keep mothers from taking their children to hospital, enforcing what amount to the same anti-Jewish laws against Muslims and Christians the Nazis imposed on other words refused to create the conditions which would ensure that a certain percentage of Muslim youth are going to be mad as any Jewish or American youths would be...that their parents and homes and countries are being treated in such fashion...and a few would lash out in their rage and justifiable frustration...and thereby give the West, and Israel, the excuse it needs and the examples with which to scare the shit out of us, so we will curtail our own glorious institutions, spend money we donīt have on military hardware no one needs except those who make it and profit by it...robbing ourselves and our children of decent schools and medicine and medical insurance and PEACE OF MIND...all so that these same assholes who brought you the RED MENACE and cleaned up royally, can do it again with ISLAMIC preparation for the next scourge...AFRICAN CRIMINALITY and LOOSE MORALS hich gave us AIDS!!!

Thank you Israeli officers...I knew you Jews would eventually come through for the rest of us...especially our Assyrian Christians whose heads canīt be reached cause their minds are too far up their arses.

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