Recipe For Slaughter

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Posted by pancho ( on January 28, 2002 at 16:53:39:

Posted by George on Monday, 28 January 2002, at 10:25 a.m.

The governor of Baghdad is panicing. After 34 years' willy nilly holding to the throne, is starting to crumble. He is sending his emissaries around the globe in a bid to seek mercy from the impending American assault. The Assyrian renegade, The governor's envoy TA talked with the Russians to intervene to save his skin. The former destitute bedouin boy made himself president without any office career in his life and has been ruling Baghdad for nearly 34 years-just a few years short than the monarchic regime, which is something unusual for the nature of governing that land. The collapse of the regime which is inevitable will bring about re structuring of that state which was inagurated in 1921 as a cheese and chalk unworkable state. The emergence of an Assyrian state (with full or partial sovereignty) in the northern part is inevitable. The Assyrian people victims of 100 years of persection in modern time at last the dawn is coming.


====If you were a person or group that hated Muslims and wanted to use up a few Assyrian Christians to get at them, you would say something like this. Because as sure as this guy is a dolt, the Muslims are going to see this as the Turks saw the same noise and clamor from their Christians in 1914. It will be perceived as rejoicing not only in what this guy hopes will happen, what he calls inevitable...but urging it on. The looked for result is that the authorities in Baghdad will crack down for fear that there is a fifth column within the country just biding its time...and as any sane government would...a crack down might well ensue in which some Assyrian Christians might get locked up or worse...thereby hastening what this George wants to happen...the murder of more Muslims along with the regretable but necessary slaughter of a few more Assyrians. Why have them there if you canīt benefit by them?

There will be no Assyrian state anywhere and this ass knows it. We canīt do a damn thing right when there is no opposition except for what we provide for each other...the Assyrians in northern Iraq who havenīt a pot to piss in because these same Georges wont help buy them one...are gonna rise up against the Kurds...oh really?

This is what aina and bethsuryoyo are here egg on the Muslims to abuse and degrade the Assyrians there in this weird belief that they will gain something from it. They will...a well earned place in the fires of hell.

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