It Was Only Yesterday...

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Posted by pancho ( on January 28, 2002 at 19:12:56:

...that you dared not criticize the mayor of Podunk, Iowa for being a crook without being accused of being a aid and comfort to the enemy by criticising this GRAT CUNTRY for pointing out that Mayor Dunk was siphoning off money from the childrenīs milk fund. You couldnīt utter a word of protest or ask a question too loudly, or often without being told to go back to Russia etc. It was a great atmosphere, for cowards and munitions makers.

Same today. Thank god Americans donīt teach history. Today itīs "soft on Terrorism"...and "Muslim Lover"...if you ask a question. Look at how many times I was called a Muslim, Muslim lover, my father called a Muslim and traitor, just because I dared ask questions...which is as basic to any Human, or American as to any in "whom are we eating tonight?"

Itīs a tried and true formula brought to us by a long line of dirty tricksters and manipulators posing as politicians. Dick Nixon did it with the Pumpkin Papers and Red Baiting Helen Gahagan Douglas way back in the forties. His alter ego, the man who held the door for him at the convention in California, was Ron Reagan, who had as his vice pres the George Bush who in a mad moment grabbed what can only be described as his own mother and gave us Junior. A steady continuous line of businessmen who have used every cheap dirty trick in the book to profit at our expense and to the humiliation and detriment of our Constitutional guarantees.

Democracy needs constant vigillance, not vigilantes.

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