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Posted by pancho ( on January 29, 2002 at 10:44:35:

In Reply to: human behavior posted by Lorelei on January 28, 2002 at 21:23:21:

You can afford to theorize your arse off cause itīs a warm, round, protected, cozy arse. Others donīt have that luxury and need to make those snap judgements you so decry. When the house you are in is on fire, you donīt pause to contemplate how it started, how long it might burn, where youīll go once you get outside, if you get outside at all cause youīre standing around asking stupid questions...stupid under the circumstances...or what the weather is like outside and if you might catch cold...or if the house you run to next might not also catch fire and then what would you do, was it your fault the fire started and what about your childhood may have caused you to start a fire in your own house, and what are the etiological implications of running from one burning house, or bush, to another.

The sane person NOT still writing essays from the warmth of ignorance and inexperience, just gets the hell out of the fire.

You go on and on about how you just canīt have a meaningful discussion around here.,..that there are soooo many things you are just aching to talk share ideas and the rest of it. Yet in every post you harp on the same theme...if it isnīt about Fred this, itīs about Fred that. If it isnīt to tell me to go to Iraq and then say "AHA!" when I wont go...itīs to tell me that I wont allow free and open discussion. And ALL of this is because your little Christian fanny is smarting from the lashes and lacerations I have inflicted on it...things you know you canīt possibly deal with in any other way than to seek to discredit the man saying them because he wont take travel tips from you.


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