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Posted by pancho ( on January 29, 2002 at 11:04:55:

In Reply to: wanna join?! posted by Alli on January 29, 2002 at 08:45:07:

I think theyīre on to us. I have to admit this does steam up my glasses and my pacemaker just found fifth gear.

When I worked at the Public defenders in Seattle in them crazy, lusty 70īs we had a most diaphanous and lovely secretary who made no secret of her hots for yoors trooly. She wore really lovely clothing she designed and put together herself...and was as clearly misty and blue eyed and tempestous as a woman could be.

I never approached her though we were good friends and I was largely unattached at the time. But I did reproach her once for complaining that men seemed to misunderstand her attire and manner...that everytime she felt sexy and showed it, when it was just for her own pleasure, because she liked her own cleavage or the way her ass bobbled in the dresses she wore...I said it was a bit of her own fault as she knew well enough what men were like.

She let me have it straight between the head...said it was her business what she wanted to wear and how she wanted to act...that if men found it appealling it still didnīt mean they had the right to expect anything more...let them take what pleasure she was willing to give for free, for her own pleasure, and let them keep their comments and their hands to themselves.

She was right of course, and I see her now as I write this, all blonde cascades and luscious lips and warm blue eyes. DAMN!

What if I tried that argument, the one men do when they say a woman made them do it because she tempted them, so it was partly, if not mostly, if not all her fault. What if I saw an ad for a pair of tennis shoes...or saw the shoes and remembered how seductive the adverts I was made to almost drool for the damn things...and so I stole them...or saw a twenty dollar bill hanging out a womanīs purse or a manīs pocket...did that give me the right to steal it...because it was "hanging" out there, so well advertised and juicy and ripe for the Marleneīs lovely ass?

Only a man, in a world run by males, would use that for an excuse..."officer I just HAD to grab her...or the money...cause it was so appealling!!!"

So..Alli, and any other woman who wants to...flirt away to your heartīs content...and if ever I, or any other man uses that as an excuse to get fresh or think you have no right to have all the fun you want to at our expense...tell him that most men are homosexuals anyway...they love only masculine things and have a secret loathing and contempt for women and all things feminine...except of course when it comes to THAT! Then they just gotta have a broad.

note to Lulia: The usual.

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