The IMF and Argentina

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Posted by pancho ( on January 29, 2002 at 11:14:03:

You know a bank doesnīt really give a shit what you do with the money it loans you. They make a pretense of asking, like they wanna be sure itīs for a good purpose. So long as you pay it all back, interest of course...they could care less if you burned the money you borrowed.

Thatīs why itīs so funny to hear the IMF say they will from now on be more careful who they loan to etc. The IMF is a new way to enslave an entire nation, especially those not even born yet who will inherit a stagnant economy and a huge debt they never asked for...but who asks to be born. Being born a "slave" though is something we thought we got over.

Not so. The loans are made in order to secure the resources and wealth of the country for as long as possible...even default is profitable cause they just declare a loss...after having made plenty anyway. The tyrants in power know they wont be around to pay the bill, and everyone knows they are going to skim a fat profit for themselves before the money even gets to the country..itīs expected and is one of the perks that ensures they will sign on the dotted line...then split for the Riveria.

The people at home and those not yet born will suffer the consequnces...until they come to their senses and tell the IMF to fuck off. The only thing missing from this old trick with a new face, is the presence of the Marines as bill collectors, and that may yet occur. For now...the IMF never loses got NEVER loses money. The only question is....does it make enough of an exhorbitant profit?

And of course we all know the IMF was put in place to help poor know how White Christians never met a Darkie they didnīt want to have for dinner?

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