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Posted by Lorelei ( on January 29, 2002 at 13:20:07:

1) You're right, you never came to me and asked me q's.
I first posted on AINA, you responsed with some kind of offense to my character, and I kept posting after that because I like to discuss topics and also because your oversimplification of complex systems amazed me.

2)why Christians are killing Assyrians and have been for the last 12 years?

I will answer this question by simply stating: Christians are not killing Assyrians and have not been for the last 12 years.

1) In saying Christians are killing assyrians I assume
that you are referring to the Sanctions placed on Iraq
2) The sanctions, you imply, are killing people
3) The sanctions were placed by HEADS OF STATES, not people (because there were no mass domestic elections canvassing people's beliefs on whether or not Iraq should receive sanctions)
4) These HEADS OF STATE represent over 180 countries
5) These HEADS OF STATE may identify with relgious, economic, social or cultural beliefs, but if they make
a decision to become a member of the UN they submit a fraction of their rights and agree to act according to the rules of the UN CHARTER and similar laws for state behavior in a multilateral institution
5) THESE HEADS OF STATE, therefore, as members of the UN, have access to the rules that delineate when and where sanctions can be placed on a state
6) The HEADS OF STATE respond to a condition that they all agreed, upon becoming a member of the UN, was an infraction of international law. They also agreed, upon becoming a member of the UN, that they would comply with the decisions made by the UN security council. again this is all voluntary, no one coerces states to become members of the UN.
7) Iraq's behaviors somehow convinced these HEADS OF STATE that there should be sanctions placed on Iraq.
Some may see, however, that countries like China and Russia were not that supportive of it
but countries like Israel and Us and GB supported it.
7a) Here we have a problem: why does israel support sanctions, why does uS and GB side with that, and why are russians or chinese not as supportive of sanctions?
Is it because americans side with jews? is it because americans control jews? Is it because americans are christians? (<<---the last one definitely not, because there are enough provisions in the bible that would mandate against the degradation of life that is brought about by sanctions). Is it because Russia or China had clandestine dealings with Iraq? Is it because China and Russia are more humanitarian than the US? Is it a gesture of strategy?

You can answer all these questions, I don't know the answer to any of them.

What i do know is that the HEADS OF STATE that were in charge of designing, implementing, and enforcing the terms of the sanctiosn did not act as CHRISTIANS, but as members of the UN. The UN charter has no room for people acting as Christians, because there ar etoo many provisions in the bible that mandate the non use of force. It is inherently conflictual for a Christian to demand the use of Sanctions.

Again, you are taking an extremely complex topic and reducing it to a simple sentence. The simplicity can only satisfy you if you don't weigh alternate sources of information on the topic.

You should study some IR to understand why states act.
Realism, institutionalism, liberalism and constructivism are all different theories why states act the way they do. And none of them win out over another because the theories overlap and no state acts consistently one way on every issue.............

again, the actors in charge of levying sanctions on Iraq were not FIRST christian, they were first heads of state dealing with issues like sovereignty, power struggles, oil and similar economic interests....

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