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Posted by Jeff ( on February 02, 2002 at 13:38:49:

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Written by Majidi on 15 Mar 2001 03:34:21:

As an answer to: Re: NEW MASTER written by Shamiram on 14 Mar 2001 14:12:18:

Dear Friends,

I am going to try this one last time....and hopefully I may get some positive responses.

I really believe that these forums (as well as all the historical blah blah that goes on) should be utilised as a free and open space for each individual or group from each seperate country or city to start writing about the forms of action they are taking (I am sorry, but simply desiring to do it is not an excuse any more).

Start telling us about the local campaigns you are involved in - from your church youth group, to your magazine, to your refugee support groups, and political awareness struggles. NO MORE dance parties (unless they have specific goals and aims besides getting drunk and procreation).

I think this would be a very positive chance for us to talk about what we are doing, for others to raise questions and also give suggestions for improvement. It is also an invaluable opportunity for us to learn from other's example and give support and advice where it sorely lacking.

I am literally on my hands and knees begging for this! PLEASE! The only way I can get into contact with other activists is through private emails, and there are only a few.

You say you all want action, but EVERYTIME I have come onto here and onto Aina no-one ever responds because I guess I am just not controvesrial enough.

Shamiram, as an Assyrian woman my hopes are resting with you. You say you recommend category number 5 in Parhad's forum-view, and I agree with you.

But we must STOP buying into this culture of FEAR and SHAME it is eating away at our young Assyrian hearts.

We are even to afraid to come onto hear and PLEAD with you to STOP talking about things that the majority of people do not care about anymore.

Culture is DYNAMIC! Let's be part of a working group that will change the face of our people.

And please, start supporting the youth. Most of your children are out in the streets having sex and doing drugs. The only difference is is that I AM OUT THERE WITH THEM trying to make sense of who we are in a first world that will only continue to consume and spit out our ideas and our passions.

In Sydney we work in magazines, we have Youth Conferences (a convention for YOUNG PEOPLE to present and run workshops and do whatever else they do at the convention), we have drama groups, dance groups to teach westernised youth how to dance (you forget about them), we have homosexual support groups for Assyrian gay and lesbians who still WANT TO BE Assyrians!

We have political youth action campaigns and run massive festivals and do so much all with no-one's knowledge and never enough support (and we are only talking MORAL support because young people do not want your dirty money).

Can anybody hear me? In my desperation to find guidance and ideas I have come onto here baring my soul in front of you vultures.

I only hope to the almighty Allah that you care enough about Assyrian and Chaldean youth TRULY to start talking about them.


Love Always,

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