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Posted by Enuma Elish ( on February 02, 2002 at 21:30:12:

In Reply to: Can't Get It Out Of My Head... posted by pancho on February 02, 2002 at 21:00:34:

Its too late, damage has been done.

This Christianity business has ruined Our People and Our Heritage and in return we got JACK.

Thank you Jesus.

Enuma Elish

: I mean this Christianity business. There is something insidious to it, especially as it impacted our people. If Baseball had done it I would be chasing after it...I have nothing against Christianity per's the effect of it on our people that bothers me. While Islam has had a more direct effect, you know, the killings and what not...the uprooting and all of that...still that is a force exerting pressure on us from the can be seen and felt and fought against.

: What disturbs me about Christianity is that it stalks us from within...we think we are safe, we think we understand it...but year after year and generation after generation it has resulted in a sort of malaise or worse yet a basic insecurity and sense of worthlessness that I think will be the greater danger in the long run. It is a sort of enemy within and its negative effects are that much harder to pin point.

: They tell us that Jeremiah said that Yahweh said the Assyrians are the works of my hand, or something like. Now we have had to make the most of that single statement, while all around it are any number of paragraphs and pages and chapters in which the Assyrians are about as put down as a people can be. What Jeremiah said was that the Lord Yahweh sent the Assyrians to chastise the Jews for their evil wyas. Now I don't know about you but I can't see much to rejoice about for being used by a jew god to scare his people. Makes us the stooges of a jew god who later has Nahum say that no one will mourn the destruction of Nineveh and that smashing the heads of our babies against a wall is a good thing...for jews.

: We have to work too hard to extract anything positive from the Old Testicles about Assyrians, and the question of course is...why should we bother at all? What does it matter to us what a jew god thinks anyway? Him or his son...where's the relevence supposed to be...why is it compelling and why do Assyrian Christians make such a big deal out of it...while ignoring all the out and out praise and gifts heaped upon them in abundance by Ashur? Why go looking for a kind word from a source that later rejoices in your destruction and the abandonment of your own culture and Assyrian Heritage...for HIS???

: I see this as the source of that self-hatred in so many of us. It could explain why our leeders write letters to Presidents and Governors inviting them to parties they know they will never attend...just to be able to say they received a rejection letter from SOMEBODY.

: It's that way with their choice of gods and pleases the shit out of an Assyrian to think that the god who set us up for destruction, wrote all about and rejoiced in it...once had some use for us...he sent us to correct his "darlings"...then dumped us when he had no further use for us.

: I don't know about you guys, but I don't like being anyone, least of all a god who insists you murder his son.

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