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Posted by pancho ( on February 07, 2002 at 07:41:53:

I will not delete this message because I want everyone to see the kind of sleazy, disgusting person this Fred Parhad is.

+++Of course you wont. But you will delete every thoughtful one you can't profit by. That's the kind of sleazy disgusting person you are.

Let me just say this. I changed my last name from Jasim to BetBasoo three years before my sister got married.

+++It still begs the question...why would anyone so dishonor his family name? Why the change...I venture to guess that your real reason is as sleazy as the one I accused you of having. If anyone ever looked like a hemmorhoid it is you. If I am mistaken, I apologize... You bring dishonor to Assyrians with your racist hate mongering.

Your attempt to smear me using my sister's misfortune, she who has nothing to do with you or me, is disgusting and utterly reprehensible.

+++It was no smear. There is nothing wrong with marrying whomever you is a private matter...just as any smears you allowed to stand on your aina against me which were also untrue.

+++There is something odd about changing your family is your business, until it becomes evident that you hate Muslims and give us all a bad name as you vent your glee at their misfortune. At that point one begins to wonder why you hate them still don't explain the reason for the name change...and it would be no one's business except that one must try to understand why you hold these ridiculous views you pass off as "facts" and such. Were YOU married to a Moslem man too?

Yes, my sister did marry an Iraqi, who did convert and was baptised in Mar Sargis Church in Chicago. The marriage has dissolved since then. We all make mistakes and no one is perfect.

+++I assume the mistake you are refering to is the fellow's conversion to it was a mistake for us to convert to it as well. I know what you mean. Indeed no one is perfect. My post did not seek to insult your sister at all...only show you for what you are...okay so her marriage wasn't the reason...why do you not clear that up instead of hiding behind her skirts?

You, on the other hand, are perfect in your mind, and you saw nothing wrong with dishonoring my sister because you have been banned from the aina forum.

+++You are a clever little sneak...there was no dishonor aimed at your sister at all...only you. Get off your self righteous horse before you get hurt.

That's the kind of Assyrian we don't want, because that's the kind of unscrupulous Assyrian who will readily and eagerly sell out to the highest bidder.

+++It isn't up to you to decide what kind of Assyrian anyone will get. That's the task you've set for will define what is and what is not Assyrian. You are a racist sexist bigot but more than that an arrant coward. When we were face to face you kept your face shut because there isn't a whole lot you can do when confronting people without the comfort of a delete button. Another heroic nanny Hajjar for us.

+++One of these days try to articulate what you mean by selling out to the highest guys throw these phrases around as if they have intrinsic meaning...sell out to whom exactly, and for what reward?

I told you can go on defining what is and isn't Assyrian in your little private Pablums...we will do it in the outside world...the world you can't survive in as an Assyrian without a delete button and a sister to hide behind.

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