The Battle of the Midgets

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Posted by panch ( on February 07, 2002 at 08:38:39:

Over at the Gassman's, Bassam is complaining that aina is deleting his messages...he's complaining to the Gassman if he doesn't do the same thing to the guys HE doesn't like. They've taken the Gassman site off of their list at aina and the Ghastlyman "warns" all Assyrianissydoodlers to "watch out" or they will be removed. And of course Emily Hajjar is watching over the most "polite" forum in the world...and woefully dull and inconsequential too...while ashur.bore is watching out lest the women and horses get frightened.

This is a GRAT PEEPIL...this is the way to make a GRAT NAYSHUN? These guys are scholars and experts and intellectuals and historians? One is more of a fool than the other and they pick holes in each others coats?

In time other forums will spring up. Ours is hardly a model by any means...but at least it's a place where people CAN come and say what they want...what they actually believe...and be prepared to be in a "good thing"! But courageous behavior, intelligent and decent behavior are all novelties with us...especially this latest batch who just climbed down from the trees in their villages back home.

Peter and Nanny Hajjar and Dadeshoo and Firas and so many of them, were nurtured at the feet of various dictatorships. They don't mind a tyranny, not at all, as they can't wait to set their own up as soon as their backs are dry. What they resented was not being able to BE the tyrant. It isn't that form of government they minded at all...just their exclusion from it.

I always said...scratch one of our people ever so lightly and you'll find a full blown Fascist underneath.

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