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Posted by panch ( on February 07, 2002 at 16:17:41:

In Reply to: OR posted by Alli on February 07, 2002 at 14:02:23:

Do me favor...wait till you go, then say good you tease at everything you don't do?

As to miss another point. This is not personal...anywhere else I'd throw a few pennies in his cup and pass on. He, and a few others, are dead set on keeping us hated and hating...they miss no opportunity to antagonize the Muslim community anywhere, but especially in Iraq, and calls anyone who advocates peace and building bridges between us a traitor and sell out, when it's all he can do to spell the words....their aim is to keep us from ever being able to live in peace in a MUSLIM MidEast.

Peter takes it personally that no one wants his sculpture or his presence in olde Assyria...he sees me as a sell out because I MAKE MONEY from what he can't...his supposed Art. he is the one who vents his personal frustrations presenting them as political and ideological "truths" when they are just the rantings of a petulant little boy who doesn't measure up to anyone's standards...can't maintain his own pride...and sees the Muslims having their way with him and his sister and anyone else they feel like having...and Peter can only Protest his fool head off.

His politics are dangerous, very go give him cookies...I see him for what he is.

Dear Homily...I have been dealing with these people for over 20 years in ways few of us have...I will trust my own council...,something you just advocated and didn't mean either.

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