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Posted by pancho ( on February 08, 2002 at 11:27:44:

It is a measure of the guy that he decries the fact that i have hurt and slandered his sister...but says he will leave the post up there to show the world what a sleazebag I am. Like I said...he cares nothing for her...only for himself.

I made it clear, and I feel, that she is not shamed at all. I certainly wasn't talking about her...but about Peter's reaction to her association with the religion he believes screwed him out of fame and fortune or something. It was his reaction I was highlighting, and he didn't address it either. The whole point was the name change, something he avoided when he mentioned a whole lot of other things in place of it...I would venture to say that if he indeed changed his name three years before her MARRIAGE...he may yet have done it because she was dating a Muslim or acting in other Muslim-friendly ways he didn't approve of.

The guy is a born Protester and whiner too. He changed his name to "protest" something or other. As he exposed more about his sister and her husband and their marriage than he did about himself and the reason for the name change, which was the point of the whole thing...i would conclude his reasons are less than honorable...if they were defensible at all...he would have Blared it out for all to hear. he will claim that his reasons are a private matter...but the details of his sister's life and where she reads and what she marries, are open for public consumption just to "show" me for what I am. I don't care if she married or never married...the point was that changing your name, for reasons not given...is interesting and fair game for speculation...but only if it bears any relevence for our discussion.

This banning and deleting of what one doesn't approve of...this refusing to discuss Muslim Assyrians etc. in light of the killing of the Iraqi people, Christian AND Muslim AND Assyrian...makes this more than a personal issue. Why is that topic closed? Why do any references to the crimes against the Iraqi people illicit such a vehement response and a shutting down of discussion? And why do our efforts to gain recognition and respect for our Heritage make these guys so mean spirited and insulting?

Suppose...just suppose, that someone wanted Assyrian outlets and news sources to speak ill of Muslims especially in regards to how awful Islam is and has been with regards to Assyrian CHRISTIANS especially...do you suppose such an effort to enlist the help of certain types in our community would be met with success? In other words would Peter and Firas and the rest of them, Nanny Hajjar too, willingly allow themselves to be used as organs to spread hate filled "information" about Muslims? Guess.

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