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Posted by pancho ( on February 08, 2002 at 11:50:04:

There is a cute exchange going on between Peter MooJasbetmin and our own drear Lorelei in which each of them is trying hard to be fair...I think.

It is true that I have sat next to Peter...I couldn't help it, the others at the table didn't want to. I know enough about him to know I don't like the man...but when we worked on Ross together we buried that when he emailed me that I should lead the charge and I refused...even telling the crowd in Los Angeles that they should go to aina for updates. I have no interest in being the next big fish in this mud puddle.

I think it is provocative that he changed his last name, his family name, which after all you would think a man would be proud of. Something definitely happened and i was told by people who have known him and his sister all his life the reason for the name change. I don't see how by talking about it I have caused her any harm....I see nothing wrong with what she did At All!

It must be terrible to Peter much so that he leaves the post up there...while pretending to be shocked at my mentioning it...JUST to make me look bad. Why? Why "look bad"? Because of the "terrible" thing I did to his "poor" and innocent sister? hardly...for he keeps at it and leaves the post there. he wants people to dislike me for daring to "ATTACK" him and his pasty faced integrity.

So...Petey, as long as you are being so forthcoming regarding the details of your sister's life...what about giving the reason for the name change? I was right wasn't I? You are welcome to call yourself the Easter Bunny if you like...I don't care for your names or your reasons...except, and it is a big you use your petty jealousies and hurts and embarrassments as a cover for an "intellectual" appraisal of something like Islam...something you neither understand nor want to...and shut down discussions on topics of real and awful consequences for our heritage.

You use your own hate mongering and hot envy and wounded sense of godawful poetry you can't give away...and hide your palpable envy, behind lofty sounding sentiments and asessments of an entire religion and people being murdered with impunity for just these same reasons and the ignorance you so proudly profess.

What could be a "good" reason to deny your Family name? I suspect it is very close to what makes you turn your back on Muslim Assyrians...or any Assyrians who don't share your hate filled thoughts on the subject. You don't only deny the name "Jassim" deny the name Assyrian as well by behaving like the lout you are. But you are a polite lout, when you need to be, like the Gassman and the rest of your crew.

Get out of the way.

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