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Posted by Gassman ( on February 08, 2002 at 14:04:40:

In Reply to: Dragging out the demons posted by Chaldeans Online on February 07, 2002 at 23:35:28:

why just the other day, i was stopped at a stop light, sitting in my brand new black Mercedes Benz (tan leather interior, tinted windows), & i saw a child, hit by a car - it was a hit & run, & the child was in a wheelchair. & you know what??? i shook my head & thought to myself, "why doesn't anyone help that child?" as i stepped on the gas pedal & drove to my next secret meeting with you-know-who...

& then i started thinking about those Assyrians - how gauche! they bring up their massacres just like everyone else. how passe! can't they see that it's just not polite to bring these things up over cocktails & hors d'oeuvres anymore? how many concentration camps & deaths do i have to hear about before they learn that it's just not correct social form to bring this subject up anymore? it's over, fini! get it? it's so 5 minutes ago...

& to top if off, i have to deal with that Fred Parhad cat. man, oh man! he just doesn't know when to quit! loosing friends left, right, & center, that man is... just like the rest of them. pretty soon, i'm going to be the only one with friends left. let's see, who's my friend?... i must have some friends because i'm so tactful, so full of God's good grace, not like those infidels at AINA or (shudder) Parhad's web site. what trash - behaving just like those "Arabs"! i mean, at least i carefully craft my retorts in the English language, according to polite American social form. i'm so smart. i'm a hit. everyone loves me because i know everything about everyone, & my opinion counts more than anyone else's. what would this world be like without me? God only knows.

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