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Posted by Gandhi ( on February 09, 2002 at 01:37:38:

Loosers Are the ones with no names,We All have names here So you Bastar Son of A Clergie , you don't have a name So you must be the Looser .
But For what Pancho wrote you it proved my points that I have every reason to call the church goers for What ever I been calling them .
After the names you called him Stiil he Welcomed you to his Forum (That is exactly what your Jew boy Son of the God ! had been preaching , be good to your enemies ) and he is not a church goer.
Now I compare him with a church goer :
Some weeks ago I wrote on "ninveh .com" 's Forum on discusions About Levies , I asked to change it with a heroic Assyrian name, at first Mr.Gabriel didn't respond After I protest he wrote back and we went through lots of Discusions ofcourse on each others e-mail then he stopped writting , till some ass kisser wrote something on the Forum and when I wrote back and wrote about thier leaders .
Mr. Gabriel didn't allow my writtings to be post. becuase my writtings wouldn't please his leaders !
and to get even with me he post the picture of one of those college boys who all of a sudden became a bishope back to his site again. because I wrote him once is that site a religious site or what?
now you get the message Mr. asshole ? which one is more
human and civilized. ofcourse Pancho and others like him.
and also you are the one that has to go and fuck himself not us !
We are lonely here but we are Braves ,YES "Lonely Are the Braves"

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