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Posted by pancho ( on February 09, 2002 at 21:35:27:

George Bush is lying in everything he says about Terrorism, Islamic Fundamentalists, His own drug use, his daughter's drug use, his victory, to name a few. His Cabinet members who deal with war are also lying. Powell knows there is no need for any war on terrorism, as he knows such a thing could never be won...never.

If the Nazis couldn't stamp out espionage and sabotage and the Underground and Jews and everybody else...Americans can't either. They none of them could because as you go forward in killing one...two more spring up, enraged and dedicated to revenge. You can't stop wont ever stop it because you are furiously creating more "enemies" as you kill ever more "enemies". It's a sure bet.

I can say Bush is lying and so is Powell and Rumsfeld because I have a recent example of other Presidents and their Cabinet members lying, and for the same reasons...War Business and Control at Home.

Lyndon Johnson lied about the attack on an American vessel in the Gulf of Tonkin and Secretary McNamara says now he knew the War could never be won. They still wont go the extra distance and admit the war was never supposed to be won...that the "victory" came from just getting the Congress and the American people to go along and foot the weep and hold their hands over their hearts and to hound and beat and jail and Blacklist any American anywhere who asked a question or two.

The rest was just picking up the prize money from the Munitions Lotto...and getting die hard true blue Conservatives and Religious types elected to office because they were "Tough" on we are going to be tough on they could have their way with the environment, government regulations, health and product safety and a host of issues which are the REAL point of all the campaigns for banning abortions or getting Tough on crime, and lowering taxes...all the hot button items that melt people's minds and get them to go fall for these "stalking horse" issues when the real point has to do with Money Power and Control RIGHT HERE.

The lawlessness in the world...the threats to our way of life and all the rest of what you hear isn't the point for all of this at all. The Star Wars shield isn't about fear and threats and protecting ourselves from some enemy missiles some day...just like the Vietnam War wasn't supposed to be "won"...Star Wars Defence doesn't HAVE to work. It has "worked" enough just by getting funded and built, and re-built and re-built.

It is by making some individuals RICH that America is supposed to be Free and Brave and a desierable place to live. And the rest of us???....whatever drugs it will take...they will make available.

They lied can bet they are lying again...and we have thousands more dead Americans to go before we reach Vietnam proportions and maybe then people will take to the streets and protest this entirely pre-fabricated emergency and "war on ourselves" and our blessed Constitution.

If I had venntured to say,back in 1964, that Johnson was lying, that there couldn't have been any such attack,,,that the Vietnamese were seasoned fighters who had no desire to take on the United States...and that Johnson needed to unite the American people and make wealth for "The Boys"...and that his Cabinet members knew it and knew they had no desire or reason to win such a war, but would allow thousands to be killed for power and profits...most everyone would have said I was nuts...a Traitor,,,hated America...and was plain wrong.

What do you suppose people are saying when there isn't any evidence yet. All we are talking about is what these guys can get away with...that's all. So far they've gotten away with murder...OUR politicians not anyone else's.

The United States started this whole bloody fiasco twenty years ago at least...from the day when it set up the Iraqi people. And just about the same time certain people calling thesmselves Assrin Patrots started dredging their souls for memories of holocausts and murders and martyrdom at the hands of if the entire religion conspired against them...and they have kept the drumbeat going...without a thought as to what this has done for the few of us back there.

That's why the name change of PeteBasMinMooJassOO is significant...whatever his reasons...but maybe even more so because he couldn't stand the "sound" of it even. Like he can't stand the sound of "Muslim Assyrians"...or a free Iraq...or a successful Iraq...or a healthy Iraq...or the idea that our people could ever live in peace among he talks and walks and works to make sure there is hatred and fear and ignorance between us for the rest of our lives.

Better Dead than Muslim.

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