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Posted by pancho ( on February 09, 2002 at 21:47:12:

Taken from an exchange at aina...where else....wherein one person complains about a singer who "sang for Saddam" being allowed to sing at a party in Chicago. The deeply thought out response comes from Firas Jatou...who agrees that we have better singers, by which he means anyone who refused to sing for Saddam...and we should not support Traitors and blah blah blah.

I agree with you 100%.
Assyrians should not support such performers regardless of the circumsances that led him to write or sing in praise of this dictator.

We have many Assyrian singers who have been pressured to sing pro-Saddam songs, but they resisted and finally had to flee out of Iraq. Signers like Dawid Isha should be supported instead cowards like this Haitham Yousif.

+++I like the "regardless of" part. These guys have no trouble excusing themselves for their part in the destruction of our Homeland and the people and treasures there...they give all sorts of explanations about how the Tax Man just TOOK the money from them...what could they do...and besides it is all Saddam's fault because they want so badly to believe whatever they are told...but this singer they will hold up to very rigorous matter what...HE shouldn't have SANG A SONG for Saddam...but don't blame them if they help KILL our people in Iraq and Iraq itself.

Peter says I am upset just because I can't get on his forum. I am upset, but not the way he imagines it. This is more of the Gassman's rant about how few friends I have and how unpopular I am etc. I could give a shit. I want very much to keep challenging and communicating...but I'm hardly upset to be denied the august company of those nits...not a one of them who can carry on any sort of an exchange without getting the fan tods and calling for help and deletions etc. Except for Raman, and they chased him off as well because he didn't quite conform after a few exchanges.

Assyrians my arse!

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