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Posted by pancho ( on February 10, 2002 at 10:38:26:

....this is from Rich Ghazal...
You must also realize that the US's bombing campaign on Iraq will untimately help the Suryoye who reside there. Currently, they are getting brutalized by Saddam's regeim. The US isn't hurting them anymore than Saddam is. If anything at all, we are helping to dismantle Saddam's reign which would help in stopping Saddam's mass murder of his citizens.


+++It takes my breath away. That this guy actually comes out and says it, and believes it is just stunning.

Saddam, who was put there and is allowed to remain now being "fought" by the United States. Can they be serious? Perhaps we all think we are all agents of some person or power because otherwise our actions and words are too stupid to be believed? Who would actually think like this...for FREE!!!

We are "helping" our people by fighting Saddam and imposing sanctions which have killed hundreds of thousands of people and blighted the lives of the entire nation. Just where are these people of ours hiding? Where do they get their water and what secret clinics do they go for medication and treatment...who brings in the clean air for them to breathe and what bank accounts in their names have been opened in Geneva?

The Sanctions and uglies they bring, like the mines and bombs and missiles kill indiscriminantly...they don't move aside for "our people"..whoever those are. Can you imagine what reading this reply does for our people back home? How their Muslim neighbors must feel? How this fellow says the US is "helping" HIS people by killing so many "other" people...meaning Muslims? We know Saddam isn't hurting too terribly much...the United Nations and common sense tells us that it is the little people on the ground who are paying for all of this...Muslims and the rest of them...yet this fellow says we are helping them all by toppling Saddam.

Who is toppling Saddam? He's been there long enoug, couldn't scratch his arse without America's knowledge or complicity...yet this guy says Saddam does more damage to his people than the Sanctions have. When did Saddam kill half a million children? Or are they also going to blame him for the War and Sanctions? Is only America an innocent victim? When people said maybe we should question a foreign policy that gets us this much hatred, people said "it isn't OUR fault"!!! yet we are the ones with the armies over there...but it IS the fault of Saddam and the Iraqi people...they ASKED for it??? Saddam, and any other head of State has a "right" to attack any country in a dispute...Lord knows the Brits, French, Germans and Americans have done plenty of it. He did NOT attack America...there was no justification to go to war with him...not even to "help" rid his country of such a scourge by killing more of his countrymen than he ever dreamed of doing...both there and in Kuwait. And the Sanctions are just Nazi fine tuning...making war on children.

Where do you begin? These are the kinds of people who define our ethnicity, these the people who state their "pride" and "facts" openly, while the rest of us remain silent or run screaming in the night. Ashur help us, we can't seem to get much right by ourselves.

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